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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

Can someone help me with some US History Questions?

1. Which of the following colonies established the “patroon” system

that gave a large tract of land to any owner who brought over 50

settlers? (AP-like)

A) Pennsylvania B) Massachusetts C) Virginia

D) Maryland E) New York

2. Between 1688 and 1763 which of the following was a conse¬quence

of Europe's wars for empire? (AP-Acorn)

A) The British taxed their American colonies heavily to fi¬nance the wars.

B) The French made themselves the dominant power in North America.

C) The Spanish lost all their territory in North America.

D) Armed struggles spread to North America.

E) The European powers relied on colonial recruits to staff their European forces.

3. Which of the following are true about King Philip’s War?

I. King Philip was also known as Metacomet.

II. A higher percentage of New England whites perished in this

war compared to the percentage of Americans who died in the

American Civil War.

III. One reason that the war started was that the colonists began

to apply English laws to the Indians in King Philip’s tribe.

A) None of the above B) I only C) II only

D) III only E) I & II only AB) I & III only

AC) II & III only AD) I, II, & III

A Connecticut AD North Carolina

B Delaware AE Pennsylvania

C Georgia BC Rhode Island

D Maryland BD South Carolina

E Massachusetts BE Vermont

AB New Hampshire CD Virginia

AC New York

4. This colony used the “patron” system to attract more


5. In 1732 this was the last of the thirteen colonies.

6. This colony was known for its timber, turpentine,

resin, and tar products. The British paid a bounty

for these products.

7. This colony was a haven for Catholics.

8. Which is NOT matched correctly?

A) William Bradford and Rhode Island

B) Rev. Thomas Hooker and Connecticut

C) John Winthrop and Massachusetts

D) William Penn and Pennsylvania

E) the Dutch East India Company and New Amsterdam

9. Which is NOT a New England colony?

A) New Jersey B) Plymouth C) Massachusetts Bay

D) Connecticut E) Rhode Island

10. Which colonies are the Chesapeake Colonies? Good luck to the geographically challenged student!

I. Pennsylvania

II. Maryland

III. Virginia

IV. North Carolina

A) I and II B) I and III C) II and III

D) I, II, and III E) I, II, III, and IV

11. Which TWO colonies are Middle Colonies? Good luck to the geographically challenged student!

I. Maryland

II. Virginia

III. Pennsylvania

IV. New York

A) I & II B) I & III C) I & IV


12. Which of the following is TRUE about the colonial period? (new)

A) Every New England colony had an established church.

B) The Presbyterian Church was the established church in New England.

C) The Methodist Church was the most important established church in the Southern colonies.

D) Most Americans were not a member of an established church during the colonial period.

E) If a person attended another denomination, he did not have to pay taxes to support a colony’s established church.

13. Which of the following statements are true? (new)

I. Puritan ministers did not serve in political positions.

II. Puritan congregations voted to hire or fire its minister.

III. During the seventeenth century, Puritan ministers held

absolute power in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

A) None of the above B) I only C) II only

D) III only E) I & II only AB) I & III only

AC) II & III only AD) I, II, & III

14. Which is NOT matched correctly?

A) Quakers and Pennsylvania B) Swedes and the Delaware Valley

C) Dutch and Rhode Island D) Puritans and Massachusetts Bay

E) Germans and Pennsylvania

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1 - The patroon system was introduced by the Dutch so the only likely answer is E).

    2 - D).

    3 - AB).

    4 - Maryland.

    5 - Georgia.

    6 - North and South Carolin awere important producers of all these products.

    7 - Maryland.

    8 - A).

    9 - A).

    10 - C).

    11 - AB) Pennsylvania and New York.

    12 - sorry don't know.

    13 - sorry don't know.

    14 - B).

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