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Learning Spanish and French at the same time?

I am going to be taking two classes, Spanish and French language. Due to a credit mix up it is mandatory that I take Spanish and one other language. I have chosen French as the second one. Is French a complicated language? I already am semi-fluent in Spanish. Tips on how to learn these at the same time?

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    French has many words that you can relate in English AND spanish. I'm fluent in Spanish and French was pretty easy for me... although now i have started teaching myself portuguese, and i've forgotten a lottttttt of french lol

    try to learn both at the same pace i guess and since they're both different (like for me, I get spanish and portuguese confused because they are VERY similar.. but french isn't too much. you probably wont have any troubles)

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    If you are already semi-fluent in Spanish, then you should have no problem with getting the two mixed up. So it should be easier to learn French at the same time. Now if you were just starting out with both, then it would be a different story.

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    I think learning French and learning Spanish is pretty much the same. Those languages are very similar in their structure, so i don't think it will be too hard learning French if you already know some Spanish.

    Source(s): Spanish is my first language, have been studying French for some months
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    I know French and Spanish

    They are not the same "type" so I think it wold be easy considering you already know some español (:

    All you have to do is keep your thoughts clear about both languages.

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    Damn, that i would like to see. spanish gave me a hard time, not even want to imagine both at the same time...........

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