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What companies make up Sony Corporation?

I don't want Sony U.S. but everything that makes up sony...those companies way.

For example: Disney owns ESPN and ESPN is part of Disney. Like that


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    AEGON Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

    Sony Assurance Inc.

    Sony Bank Inc.

    Sony Bank Securities Inc.

    Sony Business Solutions Corporation

    Sony Broadcast Media Co., Ltd

    Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

    Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.,

    Sony Digital Network Applications Inc.

    Sony Disc & Digital Solutions Inc.

    Sony EMCS Corporation.

    Sony Energy Device Corporation.

    Sony Engineering Corporation

    Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Sony Facility Management Corporation

    Sony Finance International, Inc.

    Sony Financial Holdings, Inc.

    Sony Global Solutions Inc.

    Sony Human Capital Corporation.

    Sony Institute of Higher Education Shohoku College

    Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

    Sony LSI Design Inc.

    Sony Manufacturing Systems Corporation

    Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

    Sony Music Communications Inc.

    Sony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc.

    Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

    Sony Music Manufacturing Inc.

    Sony Optiarc Inc.

    Sony PCL Inc.

    Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation

    Sony Shiroishi Semiconductor Inc.

    Sony Style (Japan) Inc.

    Sony Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

    Sony/Taiyo Corporation

    bitWallet, Inc.

    FeliCa Networks, Inc

    Frontage Inc.

    Kyoshin Technosonic Co., Ltd.

    REASON Corporation

    So-net Entertainment Corporation

    M3, Inc.

    Sony Mobile Display Corporation

    Star Channel, Inc.

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