Do unbelievers believe in the law?

The law says, if you violate one of them, you will be sent to prison, receive the death penalty or be fined.

Why? do you support the human law (that is instituted by God anyway) and demand that a transgressor of the law be punished? Also, demanding that they be punished, do you NOT take the same position that you don't want God to have?

Take for example the recent case of Chelsey King and Amber Dubois. The parent yelled at the murderer, John Gardner III, "Go to hell."

Why should a human judge condemn someone to life in prison or death by lethal injection? If he/she is allowed to do so, WHY do you resist God, our creator? God doesn't condemn anyone... the refusal of the person to accept God's conditions condemn them. Our God certainly is far more than fair.

Chelsea's law is proposed legislation that mandates life-time imprisonment for the most violent sex offenders.

On April 16, 2010 John Gardner III pleaded guilty to raping and murdering two teenage girls: 17 year-old Chelsea King in 2010 and 14 year-old Amber Dubois in 2009.


WHY do unbelievers dodge the question!!!! Argh!

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    They only believe and fallow the Law as long as they themselves believe it to be advantageous to do so, In an atheistic worldview, lying, cheating, and stealing are neither right or wrong. They are phenomena to which, if the atheist so decides, moral values can be assigned. Sure, the atheist might say that we all should want to help society function properly and it does not benefit society as a whole to lie, cheat, and steal. But, this is weak intellectual reasoning.

    Let me put some flesh and blood on this and show you why. What if there were a global economic meltdown and social turmoil ensued so that robbing people at gunpoint to get food became common place. Robbery would then be a social norm. Would such a norm be wrong? If it is not wrong, then you affirm situational ethics and can’t complain when the situation suits somebody else’s fancy and you get robbed at gunpoint. Of course, this would lead to anarchy.

    If you say such theft is wrong, then why is it wrong? If it is your opinion that it is wrong, that is nice, but opinions don’t make ethical standards. If you said it is wrong because it is wrong, you are just begging the question. Besides, that would mean there was a moral standard outside of yourself to which you must answer and that would imply a Moral Law Giver.

    Anyway, some atheists maintain that the best moral system is that which brings the greatest happiness, the least amount of suffering, and the greatest freedom for as many people as possible. That is a nice sentiment, but it doesn’t work. Take a look at slavery, for example. The greatest happiness for the greatest number of people means that a minority of people should suffer in bondage. This way, the greatest amount of freedom for the majority is ensured. But if the atheist says that it is wrong to enslave a minority to benefit the majority, then why is it wrong? Because he said so? If he says it’s wrong because the minority is suffering, so what? Why is suffering wrong? It may be unpleasant. It may not be nice. But, from an atheistic worldview, why is it morally wrong to oppress a minority to benefit the majority? Atheism can’t help us here. It just isn’t up to the task of proving solid answers.

    Let me reiterate by saying that atheism offers a subjective moral system that is based on human experience, human conditions, and human reason. By its very nature, such moral evaluation is relativistic, dangerous, can change, can become self contradictory, and can lead to anarchy.

    True morality is not merely a collection of concepts agreed upon because it helps stop the guy with the gun from taking your food. There is something more and the Bible offers us more.

    It offers us an objective set of morals: do not lie, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not bear false witness, etc. These morals don’t change depending on your opinion, your situation, or your personal preferences. They are based on God’s character and since God doesn’t change, these morals don’t either. Therefore, it is always wrong to lie, to steal, to commit adultery, and to bear false witness, but not so in atheism’s empty moral vacuum because morality is formed in a subjective manner.

    So, after an economic meltdown when an armed stranger is approaching you on a dark road and you are taking food home to your hungry family, who would you rather the stranger be, a Christian who believes stealing is wrong and that God is watching or the atheist who sees a need and points his gun at you as he adapt his ethics to suit the moment?

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    "Take for example the recent case of Chelsey King and Amber Dubois. The parent yelled at the murderer, John Gardner III, "Go to hell.""

    You people really must not be very smart if you can't wrap your heads around the concept of a FIGURE OF SPEACH.

    "Chelsea's law is proposed legislation that mandates life-time imprisonment for the most violent sex offenders."

    Not once in the Bible does it say sex crimes are bad. The closest it ever comes is blaming everything on the victim.

  • "WHY do unbelievers dodge the question!!!! Argh!" <<<< Okay, I won't dodge the question (I'll try anyway - I'm not sure what you are asking to hear) I believe in the law. Yes I do. But I don't believe in your God and I never will. I may at some point change my mind; if enough evidence shows that I should but even if I did, I would never believe in your God. My God would be tolerant, kind, loving and forgiving. My God would never, under any circumstances, condemn anyone to eternal torture.

    Stop trying so will not succeed. You will not convert any atheists and as a matter of fact, these questions make the gap between believers and non-believers even wider.

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    As all your posts seem to show it is christianity that destroys morals and ignores laws!!!

    Research shows that the reason humans struggle with emotion to find equitable solutions is pinpointed the region of the brain called the insular cortex, or insula, which is also the seat of emotional reactions.

    The fact that the brain has such a robust response to unfairness shows that sensing unfairness is a basic evolved capacity.

    The emotional response to unfairness pushes people from extreme inequity and drives them to be fair. This observation shows our basic impulse to be fair isn't a complicated thing that we learn.

    It therefore fully illustrates that all humans have morals controlled by the brain and that Christians are entirely wrong to try and claim morals as their own!!!!

    But Christians found a way round it!!

    Government statistics show that christians are vastly over represented in prisons for sexual, violent and fraudulent crime!!

    The Catholic church is paying millions in compensation for the sex/pedophile crimes of their priests alone!!

    Christians are vastly over represented in the divorce courts!!

    Christians invented the concept of sin and then the idea that you could sin, ask forgiveness, get pardoned and start with a clean sheet!!

    So no surprise that they are so expert at it is it?!!!

    A Christian is a man that feels repentance on Sunday for what he did on Saturday and is going to do on Monday. - Thomas Russell Ybarra

    Source(s): California Institute of Technology
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    The law has nothing to do with belief. The law is real and established and is not a matter of faith! I follow the law and I know it exists . . . but I do not believe the law as if it were something supernatural like religion. In this discussion, you've got to separate what is real and what is religious fairy tale.

    Crime is just as prevalent among the religious as it is the non-religious. What is ethical and legal often has little to do with one's religious belief. Consider the great blessing that suicide bombers claim to receive if they blow up a bunch of infidels!!!

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    Gravity impacts you at each and every moment of your existence, now not simply whilst you are falling down the steps. If I by no means felt gravity, I would not feel in it or expect it exists. Could even even exist with out gravity?

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    Considering that God is the main character in ancient myths, it is left to man to establish reasonable laws. If you actually researched theology you would know that gods were invented to do just that, establish laws.

    You really should spend some time researching religion. At least that way you would not make such irrational assumptions.

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    Human laws are real and I could physically be sent to prison if I break them. I am committed to protecting the integrity of my anus. God's laws aren't real. They're in a work of fiction and I treat them as such.

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    Of course I believe in human law. Humans exist.

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    The law is nothing to do with god. Its for the good of everyone...though I do think its very wrong in some cases.

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