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M Night Shyamalans new movie?

after seeing the last airbender i was finally convinced that hes done as a director. Yet here he goes again making another movie that the previews actually got booed in the theatre that i was in haha. What do you guys think should he just stop making movies or are you going to wait and see what the critics have to say about his new movie "Devil"

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    He didn't direct DEVIL. He just wrote it and produced it. It was directed by The Dowdle Bros. who made the still unreleased horror film THE POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES. I don't hate M. Night, I think UNBREAKABLE is an underrated masterpiece, but I admit he hasn't made a good film since SIGNS. Since he didn't direct DEVIL I'm less apprehensive about it, besides the trailer was good.

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    After the last few Duds, Shyamalan needs another movie that can revamp career. Although some of his past movies were good this one really needs to be good so that he can reearn some respect he had earlier in his career. The trailer looked pretty good So I'm hoping he did well on this one. As long as it isn't some 1.30 hour movie of a bunch of cheap scares and a stupid storyline he could be on the right track.

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    I think M. Knight is just a producer for Devil.

    I'm going to wait to hear the verdict on that one. It looks like it might be alright.

    It's a shame what happened to M. Knight. He showed such promise with The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. I think that the guy just got a big head; all that praise made him think he had the Midas touch. But his name alone is not enough to save a bad film. Maybe he should take a break from directing for a while and try to get back to his directing roots. It would be nice to see him get back on track.

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    I enjoyed 6th sense and Unbreakable, woman interior the Water grew to become into variety of ok-ish, and that i actually disliked The Village, signs and indicators, and The happening. The Village incredibly had no plot, The happening needs no explanation, and in signs and indicators, I recommend... a gaggle of extraterrestrial beings come to a planet it is seventy 5% water, attack people that are seventy 5% water, and then they become(for a loss of extra useful words) allergic to water.

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    Devil actually looks pretty good. I think he needs a good movie to boost his career again. So far, he hasn't come out with anything good since Signs.

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