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Final year project

Evaluation of electromagnetic emission and immunity of a household appliance.

The main purpose of this project is:

-To performed measurements to evaluate the radiated and conducted electromagnetic emision and immunity of household appliances.

-To Evaluate the elecromagnetic emission and immunity characteristic of household appliances.

-To Invistigate the source of emission and thereby control the electromagnetic emission.

Skill gained:

-Able to understand the method of measurement based on CISPR 14-1 and 14-2 standards.

-Able to conduct EMC test using full Anechoic chamber and shilding room.

-Analyse the electromagnetic emmsion and immunity characteristic.

-Able to use the software of measurents.

Project ( Microstrip Antenna design)

The aim of this project is to design of an efficient wideband small size antenna for wireless application.

F shape patch antenna was design to meet C-band (3.4-4.2 GHz) criteria fo wireless application.

The design simulation used is CST MICROWAVE STUDIO to analyze and to get the better dimension of the patch antenna.

After the design completed and implementation on PCB, the antenna were test with the Spectrum analyzer to get the the final result.

Industrial training experienced

-Follow the staff do the fiber splicing

-Troubleshooting when internet networking or telephone were malfunction

-Able to use optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) to measure the lost of optical fiber

-Monitor the activities when program is live on TV

-Understand the microwave propagation as a medium used by TM to transmit the signal.

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    LOL, nah! You know you're the man!

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    I agree. now and returned it hurts my eyes just to look on the way human beings spell and convey themselves right here. whilst the spelling and grammar are undesirable, I merely sense that that is too plenty artwork to understand their question and that i flow on. consistent with hazard, some human beings are not getting adequate solutions to their questions simply by their undesirable spelling and grammar and this option could help them get their help. Bravo!

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    Good luck with that.


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