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Im looking for 'i'm as happy as' sayings eg i'm as happy as a fat kid eating pie?

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    I'm as happy as:

    a kid in a candy store.

    a tornado in a trailer park.

    a clam at high tide.

    a pig in a peach orchard.

    a kid on Christmas.

    a pup with two tails.

    a mole with eagle eyes.

    a pig in slop.

    a monkey with a peanut machine.

    a bug in a rug

    a dog when you scratch behind its ears

    a student seeing a substitute on test day

    a speeder when a police car goes past him even faster

    a dieter when the scale finally moves down to the next lower 10's

    my mom when I take out the trash!

    a fox in the hen house after the dog died.

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    Im looking for 'i'm as happy as' sayings eg i'm as happy as a fat kid eating pie?

    Source(s): im 39 39 happy 39 sayings 39 happy fat kid eating pie:
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    Happy As A

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    I'm happier than a kitten under a leaky cow ♫

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    Happier Than A

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    As happy as a dog with two tails.

    As happy as a pig in sh*t.

    As happy as a clam.

    As happy as the day is long.

    As happy as a sandboy.

    As happy as Larry.

    As happy as a lark.

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    Happy as a baby in a barrel of ****.

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