Can anyone tell me what they know about equine cardiac conditions that 'include' a murmur?

My 4.5yr old Arabian Gelding is at Pilchuck Equine Hospital in WA right now being treated.

He has a murmur, irregular low pulse (12-15's), very weak, hard time breathing, no appetite, no--urine/stool, has already had 3-4 fainting spells that now require him to wear a head protection padded helmet/halter. I am VERY concerned.

He hasn't eaten anything poisonous, he has always been VERY healthy. He was fine yesterday?? : (


Please disregard. He passed away at 12:44am this morning.

Update 2:

Thank you for those of you who replied.

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    Heart murmurs occur in horses of all ages. One study detected cardiac murmurs in

    81% of 846 thoroughbred racehorses.1 Many murmurs are normal findings, others reflect

    cardiac pathology that is limiting, or may limit, the horse’s performance and life expectancy.

    2-6 Veterinarians are often faced with the problem of diagnosis and prognosis. This

    is particularly important in pre-purchase examinations and when trying to identify the

    cause of exercise intolerance or weight loss. This issue of Large Animal Veterinary Rounds

    reviews some key points in the effective examination of the cardiovascular system in the

    horse and new information about common mistakes in interpretation. A simple scheme

    for the differentiation of common functional and pathological murmurs is presented to

    increase diagnostic accuracy and case discussions allow the practice of this skill.


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    I'm just posting in this thread to offer my condolences about losing your horse. I'm very sorry to hear that you lost him. I hope the healing process is quick and full of fond memories for you.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. At least he died knowing you were a good owner who cared enough to get him the care he needed.

    My sympathies.

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