Could you try out for JYPE if you are Vietnamese?

Well, since Chinese, Japanese, and Thai people could audition for JYPE on their website, I was wondering if Vietnamese people could try also.

Help PLEASE! :)

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    1 decade ago
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    Annyeong haseyo!

    Okay, well, for starters, you have to be Asian. Preferably an East Asian, or a South East Asian with light skin. A European or African person, or actually anyone with dark skin, have a slim chance getting into the Korean entertainment industry.

    When you audition online, you must audition once, then if you get through that round you must audition again. If you pass that round, I think you have to audition in South Korea (well that's how SM Entertainment does it anyway).

    You must be able to sing brilliantly to get into the industry. You don't need to look stunningly sexy to get in, only for some of the industries like SM Entertainment (apparently they focus approximately 65% on appearance and 35% on talent).

    When you're a trainee, you'll learn how to speak Korean, maybe another language such as Japanese or Chinese, and you'll learn how to dance (not if you're going ballad, but I don't think you'll want to). You'll also stay in dorms with other trainees, who could possibly be your group members.

    The best way to become a celebrity in Korea would be by auditioning, I don't think youtube would be the best option. One reason is because you may need to have plastic surgery (I'm actually being serious LOL, most don't force you to have it, but they'll try to persuade you).

    I have some links for you to visit (Korean entertainment companies):

    SM Entertainement -…

    JYP Entertainement - (the one you want)

    YG Entertainment -

    DSP Entertainment -

    You might have a hard time on some of them because some of the parts are in Korean.

    Peace, and good luck with yoru dream xD

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    I think you'd be able to make it and audition~ I heard anyone can audition.

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