Do you think i'm rushing too much?

I just passed basics 5 but i'm learning all the jumps from the waltz jump to the loop jump. I've never been properly taught a lunge, inside 3-turn, mohawk, t-stop,or ballet jump(i learned some from friends). I just started learning the moving outside 3 turn today when my coach was trying to teach me the flip jump and i couldn't do a 3-turn into it. I spin horribly on my toepick on the 1foot spin and yet still learned the sit spin. I have never properly learned a scratch spin or back spin. I can't enter my spins very well. I feel so rushed... Every week i have a different coach. I feel so frustrated. I only get a half hour lesson and 2hours practice a week. I don't know what to do about this. I used to do group lessons but i never learned anything from them because i was so ahead of the other kids and we had a different instructor each time. Now i'm going to have 4 weeks of private lessons and then go back to group. Last week i had a coach, this week he couldn't show up so i didn't have him as a coach so he had a substitute. I'm really frustrated. Please help me, give me some advice.


thanks for the answers but one more thing. As i mentioned above my spins are terrible and have been terrible. My mom has this thing where there is a piece of wood and a screw or something attaching another piece of wood to it. It move pretty smoothly. It even has the scratch spin effect(you spin faster when pulled in unlike you would on a floor). If your off balanced you'll fall or whatever would happen on the ice. Would this work as a spinner? Would it help with my spins?

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    You should be having one consistent coach every time you have a lesson; this really is the only way that you will progress and learn solid foundations that are a requirement in figure skating. They all build upon each other and having strong skills are a must in order to acquire technique needed to progress and learn jumps and spins. Take for example the 3 turn, this is so important!! You really need to have this down solid on both feet and in both directions; forward inside and forward outside, (there are also backward inside and backward outside, but you won't learn these for a little while). 3 Turns are such as must because they are the proper entrance to virtually most jumps and spins; when you learn the entrance to a forward upright one spin or scratch spin or sit spin , etc. you are in actuality doing a 3 turn before you begin to spin on your left foot, assuming you are a counter clockwise skater:) 3 turns are the entrance to jumps; Salchows, toe loops, flips, etc. This is just an example of the basic elements that need to be down solid before learning the tricks performed in figure skating. Edges are a MUST!!! Every skater needs to have these down in order to skate all maneuvers. You should talk with your parents and then have them talk with the skating director at your rink; perhaps you should consider getting a private coach and work ONLY with that one coach. I know that some rinks will provide subs if a coach is going to be out but this is entirely up to you:) Sticking with one coach is a no brainer; they see your strengths/weaknesses, progress, etc. Its so important. While it seems fun to learn new things from friends, try to stay away from this as you can learn bad technique/habits that are very difficult to break.

    You mentioned the device that your mom gave you to aid in spinning; it sounds like a homemade version of a skate spinner? I have never personally used a spinner, and I actually asked the advice of other skaters a few weeks ago on this. I have heard mixed reviews on them. It seems as though they are very useful in practicing the back spin, which is something I don't think you have learned yet. Other than the back spin, they seem to offer little help with practicing spins off ice; my coach is not a big fan of them either. The BEST practice you can get it by practicing your spins on the ice. Most skaters tend to learn single jumps faster than mastering one foot spins, but once you get your one foot/scratch spin down I promise they will become easier:) They really just take a lot of practice!! I remember just going to the rink sometimes just to practice spins and only spins LOL:) You will get them, I promise:) You don't need to start them with the traditional entrance yet either, you can start from a standstill and kind of get yourself going by doing a pivot into the one foot spin, you can also start from a forward outside 3 turn, because as I had mentioned earlier this is actually what you are doing when you are spinning:)

    Figure skating has its ups and downs, we all feel as though some days we skate incredibly and others we feel the exact opposite LOL:) It happens to everyone!! So don't get discouraged, please!! Talk with your parents and look into getting a private coach who will know your skating and know what to work on with you:) Good luck and take care!!

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    Learning a full flip when you can barely do a moving three turn? No no no! This is very, very bad. (It's not your fault. It's the coach's.)

    When you are not ready to learn certain jumps, spins and footwork, you struggle and form bad habits (not negative against you, just a common statement for all skaters). Bad habits can take years to break and will frustrate you even more.

    I was able to do a moving three turn probably more than a year before I even touched on full flips. During that year, I refined the three turn so I was able to do it at high speed without falling, able to check and control it, and able to adjust the edge so I could do the 'flat' three turn that is needed for flips. Three turns are something that need to be continuously improved.

    If I were you, I would ask the coach why he is rushing you into high level jumps and spins when you are clearly not ready. I don't like the looks of this coach- sounds like the kind that just tries to get kids passed through levels to appease parents and look good.

    You could end up injuring yourself, especially in the spins. If you're wearing Basic level skates, you're liable to injure your ankles doing jumps that need freestyle skates. And since you feel so rushed and frustrated, that takes away your enjoyment of the sport, which is the very worse offense. Have a sit down with your coach, and decide whether to give him another chance or leave him and try another coach. I am really very shocked that a coach would teach you a flip jump when you don't have a good grasp on moving three turns. I wonder if he was planning to teach you a camel spin, as well, if you have not worked on scratch much, attempting a camel spin would be downright dangerous.

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    My first piece of advice is get a solid instructor. Decide which one is best for you and ask for a day when you can have lessons with the same coach at the same time on the same day every week. You can't learn with different instructors, they all have different techniques.Tell this coach you are interested in competing and learning new skills, but right now you want to go back to the basics. You can't do spins or most jumps without moving 3-turns and mohawks. They need to be perfect those are some of the most important figure skating moves. If you aren't learning from group lessons then don't do them, private lessons may cost more, but at least you're learning something.

    Figure skating takes patience. You need to slow down. Before working on anything new ask the coach if they could teach you the 3 turn, mohawk, t stops, 1 foot spins, and all the other basics. Stop working on the waltz jumps and everything beyond and focus on what you need now. These skills will be worth nothing unless they are perfect. I am a competitive skater and I can do everything up to an axel. I recently (finally) got a private coach. She wanted to assess where I was in skating and asked to see my jumps in order, starting with a waltz jump. I showed her the waltz jump and she said to stop there. I have amazing jumps, but they don't have the exact technique that you need. When people say it needs to be perfect it needs to actually be perfect. It took countless hours to get it perfect. Also if you ever join a skating team these are some of the most important moves. So basically get the basics then move on. Take your time, but work your hardest. Try your best and it will all work out! :) Happy Skating!

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    Skating is like math, everything builds on each other. If you don't know addition, then you can't learn multiplication. If you can't do the basics, then you shouldn't be starting the more advanced stuff. Slow it down and work on the core basic elements and perfect those before you start on jumps and spins. This is why they have basic skating curriculum anyway.

    The reasons why your spins aren't so good is because a spin has a lot in common with a 3-turn. There is actually a 3-turn in the beginning of every (or most anyway) spin.

    Don't learn things from your friends. It is okay to practice with them but you really need the expertise of a coach. It is also important to have the same coach, at least as much as possible. Going back to the math analogies, it is harder to learn math if you have someone else teaching you each time. They don't know what you already can or cannot do or your learning style. Same with a coach. But it is fine to have a different teacher for different subjects in school. Same with a coach, lots of skaters have separate coaches for choreography, spins, jumps, basics, synchro, ice dance, pairs, etc. depending on what you do. Private lessons are definitely for you.

    I always take group freestyle lessons but before it was my current coach, it was another lady who is now the coordinator for figure skating at my rink. In her class we would always learn stuff we weren't ready for. I was learning back-scratch and sit spins before I could even do a two-foot spin. With my current coach it is more like a private meets group lesson. We tend to stick to things at our level and ability and try not to get too advanced but we still learn new things, just when we are ready for them.

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    You shouldn't be learning things from your friends - they're really well-meaning, but not qualified to teach.

    You should not have a different coach every week, even in a group lesson program, unless it's a special program that is supposed to expose the skaters to different coaches. Ask your parents to speak with the skating director about the need for consistent lessons and coaches in groups.

    In private lessons, coaches usually skip a lesson if they're going to be away, or have a secondary coach cover their students. That's team coaching, but you should have been given the option of skipping the lesson instead of having a sub.

    Sounds like the coach you had today was the sub, so don't hold it against him/her for not knowing what level you're supposed to be working on. He might have confused you with someone else. However, you should not be learning jumps until you've got solid turns and edges.

    It will take time to fill in the gaps, so stop having your friends teach you things. You should focus on building strong foundation skills before trying to learn all the 'tricks." A bit of discipline will make you a much better skater.

    You and your parents need to sit down with your private coach and estimate where you are, what skills are lacking and have to be developed, the prioritize things. If your coach isn't willing to take your lessons seriously, then you'll need to change coaches so you're both on the same page.

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    You may want to slow down a bit. I think you should stay in private lessons if you are not learning anything from group. I have that problem to so don't be upset. You should ask your friends for help with you 3 turns and a lunges and spins. Like you I also can do a sit spin but, not a scratch or back scratch. I was taught by my friend and now she is teaching me a scratch and i am teaching her a forward and backward shoot the duck. You should exchange moves and by doing that you become better ice skaters and better friends. Here are some moves you should work on before you learn anything else.

    T stops L and R

    3 turns inside and out used for going in to jumps



    ballet jump is not that hard to learn

    one foot spin then go onto scratch and back scratch

    Edges forward and back

    3 turns are very important for you to work on, and so are edges. 3 turns are how you go into many jumps. and Edges are important if you want to become a great figure skater. Bad edges can lead to bad elements Best Emily

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    just a bit. everything you learn is basic skills is essential for you to continue in skating. if you don't know that you can't do anything else. like with math in school; you need to know every little bit of algebra to be able to do geometry. those basics like three turn and a tstop are like a foundation and you need to learn how to do those well before you can execute the jumps you are learning now properly. otherwise its possible that you can be learning them wrong. if you wanna learn to skate correctly, finish basic skills and ask your coach if you could back up a bit.

    even if you do continue learning these jumps now, it's very likely that you won't be landing them any time soon.... at all. learn the basics and then you can procede in skating. its better for your overall performance and you'll learn faster if you master the basics of skating.

    good luck and talk to your coach!!!!

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    you need to master the basics first such as the 3 turn because if you start private lessons adn go on you will need to not only be able to do a forward 3 turn but also a backwards so learn it now. I think you are rushing way to much because you need to learn how to do things correctly first before jumps.

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    you will wanna slow down because if you try to rush then you wont get the basic things down good enought to enter jumps or spins and you will have to stop doing jumps and spins and start praticing the basics again. well good lucka nd have fun :)

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