Can I get the FHA loan process by 2 seperate company for same property?

I have identified property and applied for the FHA loan.

The company A is working on to get the loan approved.However now they everyday come up with something some charges and conditionally approved thing.

When I try to call to get the clarification on the number breakdown , I am not given the clear explanation.

My question is:

Can I get the FHA loan processed by an other Lender ?

Can I choose the best from the 2 and finally close with the Best one

Or will it be illegal to get the papers processed by the second one, when first one is already processing it.

I will be at the loss of $5k if i go by A , and can save the same amount if I go by B?

Any help, pointers, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  • 9 years ago
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    No FHA only issues one FHA case number. If the property has been appraised then the FHA case number has been issued to the current lender, the only way a 2nd lender could take over the loan application is if the first lender releases the case number.

    Source(s): Certified FHA appraiser
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