Best book for self teaching Bassoon?

So I have a new bassoon but no teacher, there's no one that could help me or tutor me even if it's just a band director who knows a thing or two about the bassoon. Is there a book that could help me with EVERYTHING, i've read that a green book that starts with a W is good but as you can see I don't even know what it's called. I'm not looking for an easy way, i'm dedicated i'll learn even if it takes me 6 years.

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  • hafwen
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    10 years ago
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    I reckon the book you're thinking of is "A Practical Method for Bassoon" by J. Weissenborn. Having used it myself, I can highly recommend it, it's an excellent tutor, and it systematically explains everything you need to know about bassoon playing - including care and adjustment of reeds. It takes you from the basics, culminating in a collection of studies at the end.

    If you can enlist the help of a bassoon teacher/specialist - especially at the beginning - that would be best, it's easy to get into bad habits without the guidance of a teacher. But if you have absolutely no-one to help you, then this book should prove to be indispensable.

    There's a copy for sale here:

    Good luck!

    Hafwen x

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