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Mike asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

Is it fair to say that Scott Boras and Bud Selig are ruining baseball?

I put blame on Scott Boras (and the other agents) for the RIDICULOUS demands that he put on teams to overpay for a player. I blame Selig for allowing stuff like that to happen as well as allowing steroid users to ruin the game of baseball. Anyone agree?

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    When people blame Scott Boras for representing his clients it becomes a direct attack on the free enterprise system. One much put themselves in his clients position. If we were professional athletes would we not want to be represented by someone who is capable of obtaining for us the best possible contract? Of course we would. Boras may be abrasive in his approach but his is extremely effective.

    Baseballs biggest problem has always been Bud Selig. This two faced, deceitful SOB was part of the biggest cover up in sports history. Knowing full well that Barry Bonds was taking PEDs he turned his back because of the "home run race". Bonds was approaching Henry Aaron's career mark and Babe Ruth's single season record as well. By this time it had become apparent that McGwire and Sosa had cheated their way into the record books. Selig knew yet let the masquerade continue for the sake of the almighty dollar.

    Giant fans for the most part were oblivious to what was happening. However Selig let them send their hard earned money to come to the ball park and watch this bogus home run race play itself out. It was criminal yet no insiders were willing to correct the problem from within. To cover his sorry azz he engaged Sen. George Mitchell to validate that "others" were responsible for the "steroid era" and that he and he alone was going to correct the problem! So the witch hunt was under way! Fingers pointed and lives ruined, and for what?

    Seems like the grand jury wants to throw former ball players in jail when they should be focusing on the one person who could have stopped this from the beginning. People might want to take a long look at Tony LaRussa as well. He was another one who turned his back when he managed in Oakland. I bet people forgot about that one!

  • Ebonie
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    5 years ago

    Selig. Boras is simply using the free agent system and the draft system to make money - he's successful because the owners usually end up giving in to him for fear of looking bad. He'd be easy to overcome if anyone had any cojones. Selig is a bigger problem. He has presided over the sport's slide from being "America's pasttime" to an also-ran. He thinks a sport dominated by a handful of markets is good, but can't recognize the fact that they are building no new fans in Pittsburgh, in Kansas City, in Baltimore, or any of a number of other cities that can't regularly compete with the Yankees, Red Sox, or other teams that can spend 2, 3, or 4 times as much. He thinks that just because MLB is making money, they're a healthy sport.

  • Rich F
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    No to both- as much as I dislike Scott Boras, if I were a player, I'd probably want him as my agent. He gets top dollar for his clients, which is his job. Selig has turned baseball into an extremely profitable business, with revenues at an all time high.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, that's unfair.

    Scott Boras is a slimy bastard with no soul, but he is just one of several dozen agents who are ruining baseball. If you just say that Scott Boras is ruining the game by himself, you're ignoring the contribution of all those other money-grubbing jerks. They deserve credit for ruining the game too! And don't forget the players' union. They're just as greedy as the agents are.

    As for Selig, he has done some useful things and some stupid things. The All Star Game/homefield advantage rule is arguably pretty stupid. And I really dislike his refusal to award Armando Galarraga a perfect game. But I don't think steroids were his fault. For one thing, 'roid abuse was rampant as early as the 1980s, and Selig didn't become acting commissioner until 1992. He probably could've cracked down on drugs a bit harder, but it isn't his fault that they were there in the first place.

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    Teams should stand up to his demands. Last year Damon said that he would resign for 2 years 16 mil but Scott insist of making it 2 years 20 mil. Yankees said no and now hes making less than that. Angels also have a good reputation of standing up to Boras

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    I think you really need to understand how the system works before you ask an assinine question like this. Seriously, do you know what the free agent system is, and how it works?

    If you were an athlete wouldn't you want an agent that was a savage and would dig in his heels to get you the best deal?

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    Some, a lot, of blame lands upon economically illiterate fans who don't have the first damn idea about how businesses work -- revenue, capital gains, sales, negotiations, etc. Worse, they compound this flaming ignorance by thinking they have original insights, which are little but gross oversimplifications with infantile demonizations grafted on, and disseminate them in public, adding lots of noise but no useful signal. They conclude by grasping for group buy-in, a time-honored failure of a method for gaining desperation-fueled traction.

    It doesn't have to be this way.

    Moving beyond that, please, and be specific, where are you seeing ruination in baseball?

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    No. Well, yes. But how could you possibly leave Steinbrenner out of it.

    As for baseball being better than ever, TV viewer ship is down, soccer is making headway, gridiron passed it up 40 years ago and basketball is chugging past it, too. Where's the health?

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    The teams can always say no. All Boras does is ask...

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    no it is selig he sucks and boras is an *** but the players like him. everyone hates selig is a prick

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