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Grade 10 rcm piano exam question...again!? (IMPORTANT)?

Ok so I just got my grade 10 exam results and I literally cried when I saw it. I'm still kind of pissed off. I got a 60...

On the results standings part it says "please consults the current syllabus for your standing." I don't even know what that means.

Now my questions is, is 60 a fail or pass? Do you have to get AT LEAST 60 to pass or do you have to get ABOVE 60 to pass?

The thing is, I'm afraid to tell me piano teacher that I got a 60, he was expecting more out of me. My friends and family all know that piano is not my best thing, it's just a hobby . I do much better in school. Anything I could say to my piano teacher that would make him feel less "bad?"

Thanks a lot! :)


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    Hello! =)

    Sorry to hear that you didn't get the mark you wanted. But hey, 60 is still a pass! You'll still get your practical certificate when you finish the theory co-requisites. The downside is that you are not eligible to do the ARCT exam, but you can always retake the exam if you want to. It's AT LEAST 60 not ABOVE 60. So yeah, it's a pass. The "please consult the current syllabus for your standing" showed up on mine too (I did Grade 10 this June) and it DOES NOT mean that you were playing pieces that are not listed as Grade 10 in the Syllabus (do not listen to the other person) I checked all my pieces and they were all in the syllabus!

    Well, just tell him that it wasn't really his fault that you didn't do well, and that he taught you well, and you had a lot of things going on. Maybe you can say that you didn't have that much time to prepare for the exam, the piano was unfamiliar... the examiner was strict, etc.

    And since it's a hobby, and you're not hoping to make a career out of it, why take it so seriously?

    I hope this helps! =)

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    "please consult the current syllabus" would be an indication that you were playing pieces that RCM grades at a lower level. If you still got a 60 it sounds like your examiners thought you played well but should have played pieces on the syllabus, or others of comparable difficulty. The pieces on the syllabus change every year so if you were using an old syllabus the pieces may have changed.

    The other possibility is that you just bombed.

    60 is the lowest score to pass.

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