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Systema, Real Aikido or Odbrana and why?

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    This is very hard to explain because they are all so connected...

    First of all...

    Russian General Major Ljubomir Vracarevic of Serbian descent, create Real Aikido and start teaching the art worldwide.... (including bodyguards of the President of Zimbabwe, Libya, Macedonia, Serbian Republic, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Russian special forces Alfa, Cobra, Spetsnaz)

    Spetsnaz top instructor Mikhail Ryabko found the Systema style and his Chief Instructor is Vladimir Vasiliev.

    General Vracarevic's Chief Instructor Vladimir Djordjevic found Odbrana.

    The main differences:

    Real Aikido - Sport, Self Defense...

    Systema - Self Defense...

    Odbrana - Ultimate Self Defense: Real Aikido, Kickboxing, Tactical Training...

    My personal preference is Odbrana because you have different spectrum of training, covering all aspects of civilian and professional needs.

    Source(s): www.RealAikido.com www.Odbrana.com www.RussianMartialArt.com
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    It's really easy to answer, train with the best but do not train with whoever. So if you are for Real Aikido, choose Ljubomir Vracarevic, for Systema Vladimir or for Odbrana Vladimir Djordjevic and you are on right track.

    I LOVE Odbrana. Master Vladimir Djordjevic is the best of the best.

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    I would put my money on systema. The striking is very effective and is similar to the striking of muay thai or kung fu. Not only that, its got some sambo grappling in it too. Bottom line out of the three, syatema would be the most effective in my opinion.

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    In a true self defense/street fight scenario, I'd put my money on Systema. It teaches you how to quickly and effectively take down any opponent.

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    I like real aikido

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    Real aikido cause i saw it on youtube and it was awesome..

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    Everything else is based on general Vracarevic experience. :)

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    Odbrana all the way!!!


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