question about Czech Republic Krone?

I live in Germany because my husband is in the military. We have been here only a few months and are planning our first trip to Czech. I can get Krone at the local Community Bank on base but I am curiouse how much we should get for two meals for three people and maybe a little bit of cheep shopping for trinkets and such. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    Unless the Community Bank on base has a currency exchange, you should just wait and do your money exchange when you arrive in the Czech Republic. Depending on how many days you will be there, and from what you say, it appears your visit will be sadly brief, which is a shame because the Czech Republic is a beautiful, wonderful place, you will only need about $50 or $75 per person for a nice day of dining and shopping.

    I am guessing you will be going to Prague, which is the most frequently visited destination in the Czech Republic. If you're going by train, there is a currency exchange right in the train station. If you can wait a few minutes, exchange rates will be cheaper at any bank you stumble across. Look for the currency exchange window. Clerks generally speak a smattering of English. Or, before you leave Germany, and especially if you live on the economy (which you should! It's a great opportunity to delve into German culture!), go to any major bank off base.

    There is a huge number of restaurants of excellent fare in various price ranges. Most in the major tourist zones tend to be a bit pricier than those in the neighborhoods. For souvenirs, there is a great TESCO store (it's an English chain store kind of like Target) not too far from the main tourist areas. I bought some lovely but very inexpensive crystal there. Too much, in fact. My luggage weighed a ton!

    How great that you are taking advantage of travel opportunities while your husband is stationed in Germany. Please thank him for his service to our country, and thank you for supporting him.

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