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Are mushrooms hallucinogens or opiates?

just curious under what they're classified. I recently did some and just hallucinated an ant.

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    Man, there's some bad info here.

    You probably ate a psilocybe species, which is strictly a hallucinogen, NOT and opiate or especially not a delieriant (something that makes you insane). The reason it seems so natural is because it is only a single OH molecule away from being human serotonin.

    There are a few species that actually contain serotonin.

    You could have eat an amanita, which could be considered a delierient (sp?). If you had a hallucination that seemed like it was really there, like really really there, you might have eaten an amanita. unlikely tho.

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    They're not an opiate because opiates are made from opium which comes from the poppy plant, like morphine and stuff like that. It's a psychedelic also meaning it's an hallucinogen it's a fungi that contains psilocybin and psilocin which make you trip balls.

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    These people are retarded, Magic Mushrooms are Halluciogens and they they are awesome! Also opiates only come from Seeds.... Also Waynes world is Fuc_ked Up hahahha.......

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    Hallucinogen duuuuuuuuh!

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    Poison Angel mushrooms cause hallucination in humans or vomiting. Mushroom has toxins even though they are less present in most kinds. ok.. So that was nice experience of yours.

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    opiates only come from opium poppies. your mushrooms are hallucinogenics.

    Source(s): RN
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    They're psychedelics, more specifically hallucinogens.

    Source(s): Psychedelic also includes dissociatives, deliriants, etc.
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    They're hallucinogens, more specifically psychedelics.

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    You forgot these two choices

    Illegal and lethal


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