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I'm going on an 8 and a half hour flight. What can i do to take up time? Please Answer!?

hey guys so on sunday im going to Europe : ) haha, but im going to be on an 8 and a half hour flight! what am i supposed to do in these 8 hours? But the bad thing is im going to be alone. and i cant sleep on a plane. i take books with me but for some reason i never readd...... what am i supposed to do !!!!!.....

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    The plane should provide a few movies and music, but you could also take a laptop or portable dvd player instead. You could do puzzles like sudoku, draw, learn origami, strike up a conversation with someone near you...It would also be a good idea to take your own food, since airplane food isn't the best. Learn how to make friendship bracelets, it could take up to a couple of hours to make one. Bring small hand puzzles. Crafts. Take a camera and take pictures inside of the plane and ones out the window. Run down the aisle screaming, "he has a bomb, he has a bomb!" haha don't do that, that would be a really bad joke. You could try to sleep; wear comfortable clothes, bring a pillow and blanket to make it more comfortable for you.

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    Its great to hear that you are going to Europe! I also have the pleasure to visit there at least once a year. I have to tell you the flight there is usually easier and faster then the flight back because of the world's rotation around its axis. I dont see why you can not sleep on the plane even if you are alone, just take any valuable that you have and store them near you, passport and money should be in your pocket. Anyway the first 30 min you will probably we looking out side of the plane and get settled etc. Then there are 2 lunches which will take about an hour each and there is always a movie that take like 2 hours. In reality you have about 4 hours to kill. I recommend music, iphone/ipod games and apps, grab a laptop with you if you have one and a book is always a classic. Oh and if you have a seat-buddy dont hesitate to start a conversation.

    Good Luck

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    They will have in flight entertainment you can watch. Do you have a laptop to keep you occupied? You can play games or watch your own movies on that. Set yourself up a project you can take with you, like writing letters you have put off, filling out Christmas cards in advance etc. Current magazines you never seem to have time to read at home? Think about things you never seem to have time to do and see if any of them can be done on the plane. Don't forget to get up and walk around, sitting that long in one spot is not good for you.

    Have a great flight!

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    Use your imagination. Since you claim you can't sleep and you never read a book, there are only a couple of things you can do.

    You can always watch the inflight movie, or listen to some music. Other than that, you are left with twiddling your thumbs.

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    Here is a list of things you could bring:



    DVD player

    Phone(for games)



    Hope these things help you!

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    You could

    -Write in a notebook

    -Bring an iPod

    -You could try to bring a fun book

    -Make lists :)

    -Try reading magazines

    -Bring food if you can :)

    Hope you have a good flight and have fun in Europe!

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    this is what i do:


    look out the window

    bring something to write on and something to write with

    play my nintendo DSi

    do a wordsearch

    bring my ipod


    and think about all the fun ur going to have when u get to ur destenation

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    Hand held video game or two. It's a learning experience. Take in all you can. Your a big boy. I'm sure you can and will handle it. Good luck, take care.


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    Use your MP3 player, or if you dont have one, borrow from a friend.

    Listening to music is a good thing to do. or bring word searches, or games like that.

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