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Which is a better antivirus, Avast! or Microsoft Security Essentials?

I understand that a lot of people are going to say that it boils down to preference, but I'm really curious to know what people think regarding Avast! vs Microsoft Security Essentials. I used Avast! for years, before switching to MSE, and I've recently heard that Avast! got a big upgrade. So my question is this... is MSE worth it? or should I go back to Avast!?

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    Well they both are good. From what i've seen most people prefer Avast or AVG.

    You are right as it is all about what you prefer and how much you need the protection. i've heard great things about most.

    this link give you "9 best free anti-viruses" take a look and see what you think for your self.

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    I've used both antiviruses and can say both are equally good.

    MSE is great -- against viruses but I find it's protection against malware a little lacking. But it's frequently updated and catches quite a lot of new viruses.

    Avast has good protection overall but some people have complained that the new version is bloated. Although I don't notice it, probably because I have a quad core machine.

    You may also read AV-Comparatives test results on antiviruses tested in May 2010:

    Looking at the results, MSE actually scored higher (was awarded 3 stars) while Avast 5 got 2 stars.

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    main reason why MSE is not really good, because Microsoft as corporation never care about security. <They never will at this point>.

    Avast is top 10 just see comparison, I've been sing AVASt for 4 years and recommended to all my friends and relatives.

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    If you're looking for a best free security solution, then amongst the two Avast is the best ( in all respects ).

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    Microsoft Security Essentials is good for Trojans & Worms, & so I found that free AVG works with MSE, AVG is a great antivrius, so u need t run a combo, & w MS firewall. ur be bullet proof, keep them updated , 100's of new viruses come out each week. Do ur maintenance each week, like check disk for error's a cleanup disk & a de frag, burn ur recovery disks, so u can recover if something happens, keep ur comp. running in tip top, & it will out last us all>:) Voila

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    Neither. AVG is the best in my opinion, and I have heard this from many tech-savvy people. On the AVG website, you can get a free edition, for free of course, and the only thing the free edition doesn't have is Identity Theft for your passwords for online websites.

  • Hi domino

    As per our huge experience i wil recommend you First of all

    Quick Heal Total Security

    Bit Defender

    ESET NOD 32 Total Security

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    the two is rubbish, Use 'KasperSky' Or 'Eset Node' they are the best .

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