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Thoughts on the 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates?

Soon the Pirates will probably be the second team in baseball to be officially taken out of 2010 playoff contention (their "elimination number" is 8). They currently have the worst record in baseball with 43-84 (.339). It seems as though they will lose over 100 games for the season.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are historically a great team. Since starting in 1882, they have kept a franchise winning record with 9,796 wins and 9,663 losses. The Pirates have been in the playoffs 14 times, have won 9 National League pennants, and even won the World Series 5 times (defeated the Tigers in 1909, the Senators in 1925, the Yankees in 1960, and the Orioles in both 1971 and 1979). But they haven't been in the playoffs nor even had a winning season since 1992. That's the longest losing-season streak for any team in all of sports history!

Let's look at the facts about this season:

First game of season: Defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 11-5 in Pittsburgh (April 5)

Won 7 of first 12 games, then went on a 7-games losing streak against the Brewers and Astros

Worst defeat of season: Lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 0-20 in Pittsburgh (April 22)

Longest losing streak of season: Lost 12 in a row against Giants, Cubs, Nationals, Tigers, White Sox, and Indians (June 6-18)

Best victory of season: Defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 15-3 in Pittsburgh (July 21)


- Pirates trade IF Bobby Crosby (.236), RF Ryan Church (.263) & P DJ Carrasco (4.39 ERA) to Arizona Diamondbacks for C Chris Snyder (.232) & minor leaguer Pedro Ciriaco

- Pirates trade RP Octavio Dotel (3.76 ERA) to Los Angeles Dodgers for SP James McDonald (3.82 ERA) & minor leaguer Andrew Lambo.

- Pirates trade RP Javier Lopez (4.29 ERA) to San Francisco Giants for SP Joe Martinez (7.18 ERA) & OF John Bowker (.238)

So far the Pirates have lost 10 of 15 games against the Milwaukee Brewers

The Pirates have lost 10 of 12 games against the Houston Astros

The Pirates have lost 8 of 13 games against the Cincinnati Reds

The Pirates have lost 5 of 6 games against the St. Louis Cardinals

The Pirates have won 9 of 12 games against the Chicago Cubs

Best Pirate batting average: CF Andrew McCutchen (.278 average)

Most Pirate home runs: 1B Garrett Jones (19 home runs)

Most Pirate RBI: 1B Garrett Jones (71 RBI)

Most Pirate wins: SP Paul Maholm (7 wins, 12 losses)

Best Pirate ERA: SP Paul Maholm (4.82 ERA)

Most Pirate saves: RP Joel Hanrahan (2 saves) *

* [ Not counting RP Octavio Dotel (22 saves)]

Pittsburgh Pirates team batting average = .239

Pittsburgh Pirates team ERA: 5.04

Pittsburgh Pirates team fielding percentage = .981

What are your thoughts on the Pittsburgh Pirates? What do you have to say about the trades, about the season, the players, the management, next year, etc?





CORRECTION: The Pirates have now lost 6 of the 9 games they played against the St. Louis Cardinals.


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    It has been another sad year for the Pirates. The revelation that the owner may have been purposely trying to keep the team bad is just the latest blow to this team, which has fallen on hard times.

    I actually went to Pittsburgh earlier this year. I had an Iron City Beer and a sandwich at Primanti Brothers and then walked across the bridge to the game. I can say without exaggerating that it was the best baseball experience I've ever had. The city is beautiful, the sandwich was even better (seriously folks, you've gotta try that place if you're ever in Pittsburgh), and the stadium was the most incredible sporting facility I've ever seen.

    There were over 35,000 fans in the crowd that night, but the ones I talked to said that they weren't there for the Pirates. They were there because Steve Miller Band was playing after the game. Once the game started, I realized why. The Pirates got murdered, 9-1 to San Diego.

    This great stadium deserves a better team. I hope the Pirates can turn it around, but I think they'll need new ownership first. There doesn't seem to be much hope on the horizon for the Bucs.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My thoughts on the 2010 Pittsburgh Pirates aren't much different from the 2009 Pirates, the 2008 Pirates, the 2007 Pirates, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and on and on and on and on and on and on.......................

  • sharl
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    4 years ago

    I even have been a diehard Reds fan considering the fact that 1975 the days of the enormous purple gadget. i grew to become into so excited approximately them ultimately attending to the playoffs after 15 years, however the way they performed against Philly devoid of offense and terrible protection, 4 blunders in one interest, it merely made me ill to make sure them this way. i desire next 12 months would be much greater constructive and not yet another postseason like this. i'm happy to make sure Dusty back for 2 greater years and desire Votto gets the MVP of the NL. they have some great youthful gamers so looking forward to greater success in destiny years. do not choose to attend yet another 15 years to get to the playoffs although. additionally they performed adverse in September, and so did the Cardinals. i desire they could seem all of this over and make some enormous advancements for next season. i've got not given up yet! circulate Reds!

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    The Pirates found another way to you say WOW!!!

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  • jerry
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    1 decade ago

    i agree with you

  • 1 decade ago

    They are SICK!

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