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American Christians, what does it feel like living in one of the most secular countries in the world?

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    Well it isnt one of the most secular countries, Sweden is like 90% athiest but things are changng I fear the US may give into the pressure, You can see how much this countries changed in the last few years, tv commercials are getting more and more sexual, tv has more and more shows saying homosexuality is ok, for crying out loud people are obsessed with lady gaga the women only sings about her sexuality and everyone loves her for it, this worlds changing for the worst, The bible says in the last days evil will be seen as good and good seen as evil, you can already see that happening.

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    Christianity actually isn't supposed to bother people who aren't Christian (it's up to God), so it's more Christian this country than the country we came out of for those reasons we came out of it, as I understand it.

    Revelation 3:15,16

    Matthew 18:15-17

    1 Corinthians 5:12

    Read those and find what the attitude for a Christian should be for those around him, believers or unbelievers. Christianity started in a secular world empire, didn't it? If anything, it sets us apart more than if we were in a Sharia-style government, where everyone only followed the rules so that they could be clean before authorities, while still trying to get away with whatever they could; and some still do that! Best to remember that we're all to be brought before God.

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    I really don't know if it's truly "Secular".

    The Americans cannot wish anyone "Merry Christmas" or say "God Bless America" or even have "In God we trust" on their currency bills because it is "offensive to the Minority".

    In American Schools, Colleges and Public Places, Bible Quotes, which used to be quite common, once upon a time, long, long ago ... are not Politically Incorrect and are promptly removed.

    It is considered "unconstitutional" to have Memorial Crosses at the place on the highway where the Officer of the Law fell defending Americans because "it can send across the message of Official endorsement of a certain religion".

    The St. Nicolas Greek Orthodox Church, which was destroyed when a part of a tower fell upon it, on 9/11, has been denied permission to be rebuilt, whereas a "Community Center, incidentally, with a Prayer Hall [the thing formerly known as a Mosque] in it" which is on Park Place, just 600 feet away form Ground Zero, and one the road next to one behind Ground Zero, where WTC 7 once stood, has not only been cleared, but is being actively and publicly endorsed to by the Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Barak Hussein Obama, in their official capacities.

    Being "Secular" or going according to the First Amendment means that ALL Religions are treated fairly and equally, not just a single one.

    Pardon me if I say that I do not see any equal treatment here.

    What I see is that a certain Majority Religion is being actively discriminated against.

    What I see is that the Rights of the Majority are being trampled upon to curry favor for a Minority Religion and that dirty Politics is being played openly and unabashedly in USA.

    What I see if that Democracy has become a mockery in USA.

    What I see is that some people will force their Will down the throats and up the other orifice of the Americans.

    And, what I see is the Americans are letting them do that them.

    There is no Secularism in USA.

    It's out and out Partisan.


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    You're not. When we have to spend about half the time arguing over which presidential candidate is/is not/is a better Christian, that's not secular. When Mormons can ram through Prop 8 in supposedly ultra-left permissive atheist California, that's not secular. When we have major media outlets daily preaching sectarian war, that's not secular. When the federal government awards contracts to mercenaries to go on a crusade, that's not secular. When we can't teach genuine science in public schools, that's not secular.

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    I'm not a Christian, but what are you talking about? The vast majority of Americans are Christian and a large percentage think the world was created at least 6000 years ago and that Jesus Christ will return at some point in the next 50 years. Not to mention the obvious infringement of the Constitution in that Christianity has had much influence in shaping american legislature and policies.

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    I'm not a Christian, but I can tell you that the US (assuming that's what you mean by "American") isn't one of the most secular countries in the world at all. Europe has far more secular countries.

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    you comprehend that all and sundry religions exist in a worldwide that has no valid faith and is hence lacking faith, or Atheistic. You already do stay in an Atheistic worldwide. Atheists do no longer desire funds to disclaim God's life, they do exactly no longer like it to chat approximately God because of the fact they sense it opens up different problems with the State to be infiltrated by skill of the Church. and that i consider them.

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    It is a blessing to be brought up in the midst of the "horn of plenty." But yes, secular describes America well. There is some light and some salt still here, but this nation that was blessed by God for her roots of faith has now turned away from the only One Who can heal us....and we get sicker every day. I'd still rather be here than many other places....for now.

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    Christian here. One of the things our nation was established on was freedom from a state enforced religion. As much as secularists complain about Chrisitan influences in America, you are correct, it is far from it.

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    I'm not sure; you'd need to ask someone living in Europe (I hear Great Britain is very atheistic).

    Despite its foundation in secular concepts of law, America suffers from a great deal of intrusion into law by religion.

    A number of theistic activists seem to fail to understand that freedom OF religion includes freedom FROM religion.

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