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why does my dog scratch?

My lab scratches all the time and is on revolution for fleas.But she still scratches.Does anybody have an answer why.

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    Could be dry skin....

    Could be allergies to ????

    I have an allergic dog and what you just asked is the $64,000 question! In all my years of owning dogs this is a first for me. I have been through WEEKS of the process of elimination on so many things I've lost count. So much of scratching is a mystery if it's not associated with a flea issue (or skin parasites as Kaper mentioned). My vet said it is extremely TOUGH to pinpoint an allergy in a dog given alllll the possibilities. My dog does not scratch herself raw...she just scratches often.

    My dog seems to do better if I bathe her with a good quality oatmeal shampoo for dogs. Also.. when I wash her bedding it's in "scent free" detergent and no dryer sheets in the dryer . I don't like these kinds of mysteries to be honest.


    I was visiting with a gal recently who said she put thousands into an extensive allergy work up and still never got it pin pointed.


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    On one of my recent trips to the vet to work on this "scratching" mystery with my newest boxer he wanted me to try something and it appears to have been PART of the scratching issue. I give my dogs big knuckle bones every day for 30 min as part of their dental hygiene regiment. Anyhow.. this newest boxer has more facial/chin crinkles and folds then any boxer I've owned before. My vet's theory on her muzzle and chin scratching was that the residue from her bone chewing was setting up bacterial pockets in her little facial nooks and crannies. He had me try scrubbing her chin/muzzle with Chlorhexadine 0.2% every day for a week...and then a drop back to a few times a week. It stopped her facial scratching by about 95%.

    Source(s): Own an allergic dog who scratches often. 40 years of handling dogs (non-pro) Rescue
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    If you are sure she doesn't have fleas (Revolution doesn't always work), then you have to look elsewhere for answers. Being a lab, there is a good possibility that food allergies are causing the itchy skin, although just plain dirt can If you have her outside alot, bathe her with an oatmeal based shampoo at least once a month. That will soothe itchy skin, although if it's caused from food it won't completely stop it.

    Check the ingredients in what you are feeding. If it contains any corn, wheat, soy, or by-products, including chicken (recently found to be quite the allergy producer), then switch to something that doesn't contain any of the above. You have to be careful when dealing with a dog that scratches a great deal, as all skin carries the staph bacteria, and if the scratching breaks open the skin you could end up with hot spots (staph infection), an expensive vet visit, and more trouble than you want to face.

    Source(s): Breeder K9Kitchen, Monica Segal
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    I would try switching her food because this itching could very well be caused by a food allergy. When looking for a food you want to stay away from by-products, ground yellow corn, wheat, and any artificial flavors or colors. Also switch up the main protein source. A lot of times it is the protein source that dogs are (or become, even after many years) allergic to. So if your dog is on a chicken based food now switch to lamb, venison, or herring. I would try a venison based diet first simply because there aren't many dogs that are allergic to venison. Nutro Natural Choice Venison Meal & Whole Brown Rice is an excellent food. No by-products, which can include heads, feet and intestines. No ground yellow corn, which is a filler and a big allergen among pups. No wheat, which is another big allergen for dogs. And no artificial colors or flavors. Nutro also has the highest levels of essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) to help promote healthy skin and coat and also reduce shedding. They are actually the only company that I know of the guarantees healthy skin & coat. And all of their foods are 100% guaranteed! So give it a few weeks, if you don’t notice a difference, return the food (with your receipt), and either get another formula or get your money back.

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    Dogs can scratch for many reasons, The dog may have fleas or some other type of insect on its coat causing it to itch,

    Your dog may be allergic to the type of flea treatment you are using

    Your dog may be allergic to any shampoos or sprays being used to groom it.

    Your dog may have a skin allergy, or may have ear mites.

    Your dog may be allergic to the type of collar or harness that you are using.

    Your dog may be allergic to the type of food you are using. its very important to check the ingredients on the pack of your dogs food, do some research on the breed and see if there are any obvious reasons, I find that the internet to be of great help. Just search your breed and health problems.

    Have your treated your pet bedding and general area for fleas and other mites?

    Is the type of bedding suitable for him?

    Some times bathing your dog too much can make their skin lose its natural oils causing the dog to itch.

    It can be very hard to work out why they scratch but the best thing to do is the eliminate the things that it could be one by one,

    But the best and fastest approach would be to visit your vet. The vet can carry out a blood test and will also be able to tell you if your dog has some thing wrong with its skin. It is important that you deal with this ASAP as the dog will start to lose their hair if they continue to itch. I hope this helps you but i would advise a quick trip to the vet to put your mind and rest.

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    YEah i have a lab cross puppy and he always scratches. I've come to the concluesion that he's not actually itching because we've given him flea immune drops since he was a baby and that its just an instinct like tilting his head if you talk to him. Some dogs scratch if they are in a new environment and some scratch more than others but I think labs tent to scratch a lot in the same way they love sticks and chewing wood.

    I hope this helps

    Source(s): Take him to the vet if he is irritated but it is a way they groom themsleves chewing paws ect. It is possible he has skin allergies but i highly doubt it!
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    What food is ur dog on? And try switching to grain free treats. Also... if your dog has dry skin... use salmon oil or switch your dog to a grain free dog food that is salmon flavored... merrick is a great brand. Salmon is very good for dry skin and sensitive stomachs. I hope you get your problem situated soon!!! I love trying to help answer questions about cats dogs and feel free to ask and let me know if you ever find anything that works! ^-^

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    There are many possibilities from mange and mites to allergies. Allergies would be the likely source.

    Schedule a vet appointment to figure out for sure.

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