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Neurodegenerative Disorder Career Help?

Hello. I am an undergraduate biology student fascinated with neurodegenerative disorders. I am interested in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disorders. What is/are the career paths to becoming a researcher in this particular area? It is overwhelming. I would love to be on a team determining if their theory is correct or not. But not sure if the career path is medicine, neurology, genetics, etc. Or, am I going about this all wrong?

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    Not all researchers are MDs. Many have PhDs. The direction you choose would depend upon your interests. The career path you take could be medicine with a neurology specialty in movement disorders, it could be genetics which holds serious possibility for PD, it could be microbiology. The list is quite long actually since Parkinson's disease especially involves many motion and non-motion symptoms.

    What do you mean when you say you "would love to be on a team determining if their theory is correct or not"? Who is the "they" team? In Parkinson's disease research there are a few theories about the disease and different directions for new treatments and improving existing treatments. Do you want to prove/disprove the origin of the disease, the type of disease, the most effective way to treat, the discovery of the cure(s)?

    Below are some articles and abstracts which might give you an idea of direction:

    Parkinson's disease

    Alzheimer's disease's_disease

    By the time you are in graduate school and able to participate, there may be new directions discovered by current research.

    Not all research is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. The idealized version of research for the sake of learning does not exist in that framework. There is no profit there. Much research actually comes from private sources often using public monies. If you want to get an idea about some of the research that is funded by non-profits, check this link to the Michael J Fox Foundation. There are several places to gather information for your decision here.

    I think your approach needs some adjustment. And if you are serious about wanting to be on a research team, what skills are you bringing to the table? What are your strong points? What can you do well? What will you do better once you have had training?

    Do your homework first and I think your questions will change.

    Best Wishes

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    This is a main query. They wish you to reply that considering the fact that there are such a lot of intriguing matters that may be learned by way of scientists and that there's such a lot talents in serving to medication sickness that you're going to bear in mind finding out technology on your academic targets. Blah, Blah, Blah... You might additionally say that considering the fact that study equivalent to this on the whole entails operating on small helpless animals that might be regarded torture (like surprising mice with electrical power) that you're going to keep away from scientific technology.

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    why dont you go talk to this wonderful woman who is very knowledgable in many areas She is a medical technologist and writer.

    Most 'research ' is funded by drug companies looking for new drugs and 'treatments' not cures. or

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