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Would a Sheffield 12129 Twin Blade Pocket/Utility Knife be illegal to carry in new york city?

My friend got stopped, arrested and charged with a Class A misdemeanor (4th degree) because the officer in question accused him of carrying a gravity knife. The blade of the knife is less than 4 inches for sure, probably around 3" MAYBE 3 1/2" at most. My friend claimed it was a utility knife for work but was still arrested. Do you think he can fight the case and get off? It was also his first time offense, however he does not want a criminal record if he can avoid it, and can he go with a public defender, or should he hire a lawyer in his situation?

here's a link to the knife in question:

Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


Well the cop wasn't able to flip the knife open at first but after multiple attempts, he did flick it open with the flick of his wrist

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    If I understand right, New York sees any knife that can be flicked out with the thumb or a flick of the wrist as a gravity knife. I know of someone who carried a knife in New York city every day. After using it for so long, the pivot point became loose enough to where it could be flicked out with a flick of the wrist. He thought nothing of it, but was stopped one day and arrested and charged with the same thing, because of the loose pivot, his knife was considered a "gravity knife". So, if the pivot on this utility knife was loose enough to be flicked open, it might be tough to fight that. But if it was tight enough to where it was unable to be flicked open, you might want to look into getting a lawyer. From now on, if you plan on carrying a knife in NYC, make sure to buy knives with adjustable pivots and tighten it to where it can't be opened with a flick.

    Hope this helps.

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    Definitely hire a lawyer and fight that. He doesnt want a criminal record because some stupid cop couldnt get off his high horse.

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    There is some good guides on exactly this. go through all of the guides over at

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