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Help !!! a letter to frd

PLZ !!!!! i beg you plz help me to write a letter to a frd ( recommend a fiction !! )

200 words pls !!!! in F.4 level

help me plz! i m serious , plz dun just answer " do it urself or sth. " i really need ur help !!!

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    Dear John:

    the summer holidays will soon be over and we shall see each other again next month. Last week I read a fantastic fiction called The Old Man and the Sea. It is a story of an old fisherman in Cuba who had not gone out fishing for almost three months went fishing alone in a small boat. Other fishermen did not go with him because they thought he was still in a run of bad luck. A marlin,a gagantic fish, took his bait and the battle between the old man and the big fish then began and continued for two days. His hands were badly hurt by the fishing line during the struggle but he would not give up because he needed the fish for some money. At long last, he managed to pull the marlin near the boat and killed it with a harpoon and strapped the fish to the side of the boat. Fully exhausted though, he was happy to think about how much money he could get from selling the gigantic fish. Unfortunately, the sharks came along to share their big dinner. Though several were killed by the old man with the very little energy left, the sharks kept coming and what hehad when he got home was just the skeleton of the gigantic fish. He fell down in deep sleep on the beach and the other fishmen came round to see him and his catch, the gigantic skelton of a marlin that measured eighteen feet from head to tail, the largest they had ever seen before. After a long rest, the old man recovered and since then, the other fishermen promised to go fishing with him again.

    I have told you just the brief story of it. I think you should read it if you

    have the time as it is so touching, and I am sure you will like it.

    So much for now, keep well and I shall be seeing you soon.

    Yours sincerely,


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