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Money form the Sky

A.One day in Overtown,Florida,$3.7 million fell form the sky . It happened when a Brinks truck turned over .There was money everywhere ! One man said,“The streets were like silver.”Some people took off their shirts and filled them with money.

B.Police officers went from door to door in the neighborhood . They asked people to return the money . After six hours,the total returned:zero.

C.No one Overtown was surprised . Many people in this town are poor . They need the money to buy food for their children . They think that God sent the money to them . They say,“God sent the truck.”

D.The police say this is a serious crime . “ People took thousands of dollars . It's not their money,and they have to return it . ”The police also say it's dangerous to keep the money because everyone knows about the story form the news . People have money in their under wear drawers or their back yard ,and other people will try to steal it .

E.So far ,only one person has returned any money . He is a firefighter . He found $300,000 in a bag and gave it to the police . The people of Overtown still have the rest of the money .


Find the word or words in the story that mean the same as the words below . Write the story words on each line .

Paragarph A ︰ fell on its side ╴

Paragarph B ︰ the area where you live ╴

give back ╴

Paragarph C ︰ have very little money ╴

things we eat ╴

Paragarph D ︰places you keep your underwear ╴

a place behind your house ╴

to take something that is not yours ╴

Paragarph E ︰a person who put out fire ╴

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    Paragarph A ︰everywhere

    Paragarph B ︰neighborhood  return

    Paragarph C ︰poor food

    Paragarph D ︰drawers  back yard   steal

    Paragarph E ︰firefighter


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    D.警察說,這是一個很嚴重的犯罪 人們各拿走了好幾千塊,這不是他們的錢,他們必須把錢歸還,警察也說,把錢留著是一件很危險的事,大家都從新聞上知道這個故事,別的人會試著偷取那些拿到錢,把錢藏在內褲櫃和後院的人



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    Paragarph A ︰身旁

    Paragarph B ︰你所居住的地方 還回去 

    Paragarph C ︰只有很少的錢 我們吃的東西

    Paragarph D ︰放你內褲的地方 在你房子的後面 拿走不屬於你的東西

    Paragarph E ︰為我們滅火的人


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