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1.burn midnight oil the pink the nick of time

4.odd man out

5.up to the mark

6.rose to the occassion

7.knuckled under

8.right under his nose

9.took the law into their own hands

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    1 burn midnight oil 日以繼夜的工作/研究

    *它不等於stay up late!!!!(很晚睡不一定是在工作)

    ex:I am going to brun midnight oil to finish the project. the pink 最佳狀態

    ex:He is in the pink of health. the nick of time及時

    ex:You got here in the nick of time, the train is just leaving.

    4.odd man out (分組時)剩下一人

    ex:That boy is always the odd man out when the children are divided into teams.

    5.up to the mark達到標準的

    6.rose to the occassion是rise to the occassion(應付自如)嗎???

    7.knuckled under屈服

    ex:She finally knuckled under because of the pressure was simply to much.

    8.right under his nose在眼前;很近

    ex:He put his cell phone right under his nose so that he couldn't miss it.

    9.took the law into their(one's) own hands尋私枉法;擅自處理

    Whatever the rank you may be in, it would be wrong to take the law into your own hands.



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    1、burn the midnight oil:熬夜用功或加班 (多用在讀書);study until very late at night2、in the pink:狀況佳;in very good condition;如:in the pink of health 即指健康狀況良好3、in the nick of time:在最後一刻、緊要關頭;just in time; at the last possible instant; just before it's too late.;前動詞用「arrive~」、「get there~」、「happen~」、「reach something~」、「save someone~」。4、odd man out:反常的人或事;an unusual or atypical person or thing5、up to the mark:等於「up to par」,達到要求、符合標準 ;as good as the standard or average6、rise to the occassion:隨機應變、應付自如;to have the courage, wit, etc., to meet the special demands of a situation7、knuckle under:屈服、認輸、讓步;To yield to pressure; give in.8、right under one's nose:顯而易見的;directly in front of one; clearly or obvious or apparent9、take the law into one's own hands:私自治罪、越過法律權限擅自處理;to attempt to administer the law; to pass judgment on someone who has done something wrong 參考來源:

    1、【The Free Dictionary】

    2、【The Phrase Finder】

    2010-08-27 16:38:10 補充:


    「odd man out」:與其他不同(或合不來)的人(或物);異類

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    5.up to the mark 達到要求的標準

    6.rose to the occasion 提升自我

    8.right under his nose under her nose 只是單純「很近」的意思




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