looking for a nice rural place to live someone help?

alright i want to live some where rural somewhere natural not to far from civilization but not it i dont know if places like this even exist anymore in this world but im looking for somewhere with forest to explore and actual clean rivers to swim in but not forever away from a village or town does a place like this exist anymore does anyone know dosent have to be in the united states but i would perfer that


i would like to live in nature but not off of it i would plan to have electricity and plumbing etc but i would probably build my own house this is a serious question so dont make fun of me:D

Update 2:

it would be a place that was a mixiture of clear lands and forest with rivers and maybe lakes that be nice so i could live on the flatlands but be close to the other things for exploring

Update 3:

um lol i do not plan on working im good with stocks have a pension from the marines and its just me and my baby son

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    Petrolia or Honeydew, California.

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  • 10 years ago

    It depends on if you are working or if you're disabled or retired as we need to know if you need to accommodate your driving to/from work.

    Cleveland (seriously) and far east side or far west side is a nice place to live because the people are friendly, you can live in a cottage, a high rise or house, Lake Erie isn't far from anything, and the Emerald Necklace (forest type parks for walking) aren't far either. I don't suggest swimming in any water anywhere anymore but they have spas. Take a look at their arboratum online. I don't think there's much clear land left these days; those that are cleared are drying out from the heat. I don't think things are out there for exploring anymore, anywhere, as it's dangerous...however there are parks. Ohio has high unemployment right now, and several states in that area now have a bedbug problem (brought in from overseas and thru the airlines we're told).

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    10 years ago

    I live in the Southern foothills of Appalachia, on the side of a mountain almost at the edge of a national forest. We are about one and a half hours from Atlanta but a world away. You might want to look at the NE GA, NW N. Carolina Northern South Carolina, Eastern TN areas. This area does get a lot of tourists but you can avoid town on heavy tourist towns, for example I am stocking up so we can stay on our mountain without needing anything for Labor Day weekend and a few days before and after. I'll probably take the back way around and go watch fireworks one eve - or not.

    Specific counties to check in GA, Union, Lumpkin, White, northern part of Habersham, Rabun. Don't know the county names in other states but spread out from there on a map and you'll find them. You might like to look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nantahala_National_Fo...






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    10 years ago

    Upstate NY. 45 minutes from Albany yet small towns and villages. Forests, fresh streams and low housing prices. You can choose a log cabin, old farm house or a new ranch. Some towns do not even have a police dept.

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