Could Russia invade Europe?

I know that it won't happen soon, but I just wanna know how would it all play out. Example, would Russia at least take half of Europe, or would it quickly fail? This does not include WMD's, and the USA is involved. How would the war go with today's military?


Sorry, half of EU.

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    No. Russia is overrated to be honest, it has about 140,000,000 people and a smaller economy than the UK alone. The EU has over 500,000,000 people and the largest economy in the world. Russia has an impressive military, but it is simply dwarfed by the 27 militaries within the EU. Russia's naval tonnage and number of aircraft is far outweighed by the EU. Russia has about 1,000,000 active troops and 2,400,000 reservists, the EU has around 4,000,000 active troops and millions more reservists. Europe is also hard to attack, it is densely populated meaning russian troops cannot take large parts without encountering heavy resistance.

    The only advantage they really have is organization, they are one force with a clear leadership whereas the EU has 27 militaries and there could be much argument among the "big four"; UK, France, Germany and Italy, for leadership of it's vast forces. And if the US was involved then Russia's chance of victory would be laughable. By the way, i presume by Europe you meant the EU? because much of Russia is actually part of Europe, It's people would describe themselves as European if pushed for an answer other than Russian. And if we're including non-EU European countries like Turkey and Ukraine Russia's chances of success are reduced even further. Russia is still powerful but the Soviet Union is gone, Russia is nothing compared to it (apart from all the nukes of course). It simply could not afford a war with Europe, even if it actually had the manpower and hardware to do the job.

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    1 decade ago

    Russia has no interest in invading Europe. Why would they? Besides, as others have already mentioned, Russia already IS half of Europe anyway (so I guess they're half-way there before they start :-)

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    before everything, 2012 is a humorous tale even ethic mayans themselves are bored with it. that's the comparable with the Y2K crap. and what's 2028? the subsequent doomsday date?.. cry me a river. before everything, Western Europe has greater inhabitants than Russia has, 2d their blended E.U. financial gadget dwarfs Russia's and their militia expenditure topples the Russian militia. So u.s. would not even could desire to deliver troops to Europe to quit a Russian invasion. the concern could be with strengthen Russian technologies and their fighter jets yet im advantageous the western europeans would be triumphant. u.s. merely needs to pay interest on repelling chinese language forces and countering their attack with repeated B-2 bombings on their cities. and israel, nicely no person supplies a s*** approximately Israel i don't. they're those consistently forming this mess, heavily, do Israelis posses some style of organic source we desire? No, we merely desire oil from that area, permit the Arabs take over what grew to become into rightfully theirs interior the 1st place.

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    Russia is in Europe... The better half at least.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Russia already is half of Europe.

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    Well, with no WMD's and with the US involved I'd say that we would be seeing WW3. Although Russia is invading Europe, I don't think the US would get into the conflict until they hit Great Britain. Russia would probably go for poland and the eastern border countries first then push into central europe. I dunno we'd have to see it to know.

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    Well, I´m in Spain right now, and I kinda wish it has already happened. I hate it here!

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    If it wasn't for NATO and the USA, YES.

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