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I am terrified of identical twins. What is this called? They absolutely horrify me.?

When I see identical twins, I literally freeze in my footsteps. My heart races and I panic. I get that feeling we all get right before we get into a nasty car accident..but what's worse is that I cannot move. I'm absolutely frozen with fear. Same with midgets as well. It's horribly embarrassing and a terrible feeling. What is this phobia called?

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    The official scientific word for the fear of identical twins is duomaieusiophobia. The prefix "duo" means "two" or "double" and the suffix "maieusiophobia" means "fear of childbirth."

    I too have a weird phobia. I'm terrified of collarbones. :/ I know exactly how you feel. I'm really embarrassed. I get panic attacks when somebody touches my collarbone or if someone has really noticeable collarbones.

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    well first off we all have a twin its called our shadow

    but the term you are looking for here would be duomaieusiophobia.

    The fear of twins!

    Beyond that go talk to a doctor because phobias can be controlled very easily!

    Dont hate yourself we are all twins you just ate yours before birth

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    1 decade ago

    Fear of the movie The Shining.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Come play with us.. forever and ever..

    kidding :P

    and there is no real phobia of it.. though you could call it duomaieusiophobia (two of similar)(childbirth) or duopedophobia (though that would only be twin kids)

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    its called naziyouthobia

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