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Test your MMA knowledge predict UFC 118 closest to actual outcome gets 10 points?

ok give me your predictions for UFC 118 who wins and how(if you say SUB say what kinda sub) in in what round whoever has the best predictions will get the best answer

BJ Penn vs Frank Edgar

James Toney vs Randy Couture

Demain Maia vs Mario Miranda

Kenflo vs Gray Maynard

Nate Diaz vs Marcus Davis

my predictions

BJ Penn TKO round 4

Randy Couture SUB Rear Naked Choke round 1(but i hope toney knocks him out)

Demain Maia SUB Rear naked choke round 2

Kenflo UD

Nate Diaz SUB Triangle Choke round 3

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    Bj Penn takes a 2nd round KO. The way I see it is that he doesnt have much to lose because he does not have the title. And if he does lose then itll be an easy road back to it. And he's lost a decision to Frankie, So he won't ruin his legacy by losing. He is going to come out swinging and not leave it to the judges. (Shogun did that too)

    Couture 1st round submission. I give all credit to Toney for taking on the legend of the sport first. But I just think the odds are against him and going up against a wrestler is not a good start for a boxer. I know this is a bad comparison but look at Kimbo, Great standup slugger, but cant do anything on the ground. Couture will take his back or take a leg.

    Maia takes a 2nd round submission with anything because he is a dominate BJJ player.

    Maynard SD. I think KenFlo can beat Maynard very easily, and someone will judge that way, but I also think someone will judge Maynard a win with a good game plan. Plus I want to see Maynard get a title fight. KenFlo has already gotten 2.

    Davis KO 2nd. Its going to be a war I think and Diaz is going to be confident heading into it. I honestly say that I dont know much about these 2 fighters. Im not a big 155 fan. But I think davis surprise him, Irish Hand Grenade was earned, not given

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    B.J. Penn sub. round 3

    Randy Couture Sub. round 2

    Demian Maia unanimous decision

    Gray Maynard Unanimous decision

    Nate diaz Unanimous decision

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    bj penn 3rd round RNC

    randy couture unam decison

    mario miranda round 3 tko

    gray maynard unam decison

    nate diaz round 2 armbar

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  • 9 years ago

    Bj penn via 4th rnd submission,couture via 1st rnd tko,demian maia 2nd rnd submission,kenflo via UD,diaz via UD.

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