what is your take on nuclear weapons?

i have a lincoln-douglas debate case and im looking for ideas the resolution is resolved: States ought not to possess nuclear weapons

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  • Hayley
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    1 decade ago
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    The nuclear weapon is the only reason why the US and the former Soviet countries are not at war right now. MAD guarantees no winners...therefore, the only way to win is to stay at peace.

    How is peace a bad thing?

    Only when nuclear weapons are in the hands of irresponsible countries that would use it on a whim would it be bad...hence the effort to prevent nuclear proliferation. And no, the use of weapons on Japan to end WW2 was not irresponsible. Using it to stop kamikaze, indoctrinated soldiers and civilians from fighting to the death is more responsible than launching an invasion on the Japanese homeland where millions would have died and more would have been wounded, die from starvation, etc.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Iran retains insisting it needs to get rid of Israel and could no longer step returned from that assertion. Iran is at the back of the insurgency in Iraq, Afganistan, so it does not make for a great resume. i do no longer understand with the hardship human beings have with the US having nukes. the US has the accountability to guard this is allies, in view that there are interestingly no different worldwide places keen to fill the roll, which I definitely have a situation with. Japan grew to become right into a fanatical society which might have fought right down to the final woman and newborn, so the two way those lives could have been lost. could you somewhat see Russia with the capabiltiy of the US militia. Russia and China killed greater human beings than the US ever will and that they did no longer use nukes.

  • 1 decade ago

    Like it or not,nuclear weapons are the front line of defense for the United States.Do away with them and we'll be up to our armpits in Russian and Chinese soldiers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sarah Palin says we need all the nukler weapons we can gety our righteous hands on and beside she is tired of looking at Russia from her back porch.Anything for a change.

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  • The following is all truth. Not one word is made up. It all happened.

    I was a game Warden's Deputy. I was shot 13 times on my third day on the job as said deputy for the MDIF&W on or about April 17, 1980 at about 12:00 noon. Or detail was a drug interdiction river patrol. After I was shot I was Commendated.

    Years later they took back this when I tried to get justice fort a black man who was convicted anyway of burglary and assault, and at that time I was drugged and my motorcycle pushed by two running men into a steel guard rail. They sprung the forks and scratched the paint. Then they literally, and deliberately held me down and twisted my already injured legs until at least one of these snapped (I'm not going to lie to you this was years ago and I don't remember how many legs they broke). Then the accident investigators made broad assumptions based on literally nothing that could be considered evidence and held me at fault. The next day I was told I would not be allowed back to work if I missed longer than two weeks, and as I was not scheduled to return for over a month, I was effectively told I was fired. I was at home at the end of those two weeks when I was visited by a couple of individuals and my "brother" (the States idea of a compassionate psychological surrogate for the one killed earlier as my GAME WARDEN). One of these individuals was caught by me and released by others when he was smuggling dope (after I joined a Federal Agency, despite my wounds, due to my expertise in arms and the fact that I was somewhat expendable and they had lost several teams of men trying to get that fellow that knocked innocently on my door that day). I note this in the same paragraph as he was the guy that set the black guy up, and had actually done the crime the black guy drugged ME and had ME report erroneously, leading to the false arrest and conviction.

    When said excellent DUDE left, I had hidden under a chair in my kitchen a brick of heroin, confirmed by an expert witness I brought in to unofficially test the substance. It had not been there when I had cleaned up earlier the day before. I had a cat. As I remember things I bent down to clean one of Aristotle's many messes and there it was.

    I was given legal advice to dispose of this immediately, and given what the police had already done in protecting the Congresswoman I'd informed of the set up, after having no good results speaking to local government.

    I complied with this advice, breaking the brick up and putting it down the sink after poisoning it.

    Then the dealer showed up, his dope up undercover cop in tow (or vice versa). THEY SHOT ME IN THE HEAD, through the brain, leaving grey matter on the table in my soup bowl and on the wall.

    Three days later the cops reported it.

    AND I STILL don't have a clean record.

    AND I STILL am listed as a deadbeat dad.

    But that's not the best part.

    I served in Iraq in the Army. I was again shot through the brain.

    I served in several police capacities. Shot Shot Shot.

    And I can tell you now, with absolute certainty, I was shot in the MDIF&W service by a "team" lead by none other than GWB, then US Vice President's son. And also present were other politicos he was initiating : soon to be Maine Congress People, A soon to be DA, and a soon to be Governor.

    I know I don't want them armed with a toothpick.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately, you can't uninvent the bomb anymore than you can univent the sword or the Gattling gun, so they are part of our lives.

  • 1 decade ago

    One of the biggest mistakes known to humanity.

  • Terris
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    1 decade ago

    Humanity's greatest blunder and it's resolve.

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