I live in Germany because my husband is in the military and we live in a very small town with a very small?

a small base and jobs are not easy to come by. My mother is coming out for three weeks in October and after she leaves my mother in law is coming out for two weeks. This is where it gets complicated. I had an interview and am pretty confident about it. It is a good job that pays very well and is not an oppurtunity to pass up. Now my husband is going away while his mom is here to train some soldiers in another country so he will basically miss his moms visit except the last few day. Is it resonable to tell the employer that I can not start until November because I will basically have family at my house the whole month of october? I would feel really bad if my mother and my mother in law had to sit at home and wait for me to come home from work monday through friday, epecially when they bought the tickets thinking I would not be working. Would it be better to ask the employe for some days off while they are here or tell them upfront that this is going on and see if they will work with me, especially on the days that I have to drive 3 hours to pick them up from the airport and drop them off? Do you think if they offered me the job and I said I could not start until November 2 they would or could deny me the position because they need someone sooner? Help???????

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    Your best option is to explain clearly to the company what your situation is.

    If they do not need you very urgently, they will, in all likelihood, be willing to wait, especially if you are well qualified for the job.

    Perhaps you could suggest that you start work, but on a part time basis until your visitors are gone? Or maybe you can use that time to learn the job at home during the evenings?

    Unless they really need to fill the position due to contractual or deadline basis, I think they should be accommodating.

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    Do you want the job or not? If you don't, then entertain your mother & mother-in-law for a month. If you do, you must start when THEY need you or they don't need or want you at all. If you need a job, and you say jobs are exceedingly scarce (which is true all over!), then you really need to take this job if it is offered to you. Mom & MIL should understand that jobs are scarce & either you take it, or have no other chance at any job. With hubby being away, I should think his mom would want to think about rescheduling her trip anyway. No arguing with the military.

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