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Flying into Phoenix in October and plan to visit the Grand Canyon. What are other points of interest?

I have two boys 13 and 10. We are staying in Scotsdale and want to take 2 days to drive up to the Canyon and sight see on the way to and from. What are other "must sees" and where would be a good place to stay? Eat? Unique points of interests? Etc. I would love to see the canyon at sunset so I would prefer a hotel about a hours drive or less. All of the Hotels within the Canyon are completely booked :( Thanks

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    10 years ago
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    Definitely see the Canyon. On the way, you'll find Sedona, which has become a bit touristy but is still an amazing place. Driving from Scottsdale, you'd pass through Camp Verde, which is home to Out Of Africa... lots of lions and tigers and other wildlife. You don't say what date in October, but if you look up the sunset time and check, you might be able to stay in Williams and drive to the Canyon or take the train to the Canyon... that's an experience in itself. Good luck with the trip.

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  • 10 years ago

    I visited the canyon in April this yr. It was absolutely the MOST beautiful place on earth!!! we stayed in a quaint little town called Williams, very good food! nice little shops too! and its about an hour from the canyon.

    Source(s): visited friends in Surprise, AZ nice town too!
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  • You could go visit the Four Corners Monument.

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  • 10 years ago

    montezuma's castle is good.

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