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Should I do tap ??????

I'm switching studios and I am going to sign up for jazz and ballet. All their classes are either intermediate or advanced. I have done ballet and jazz for a year now so that'll be ok to sign up for. However, my dad thinks I should sign up for tap. I have never done tap, but it is an intermediate class (they don't have beginners and the organizer said that the intermediate is for girls who have danced for a couple years and want to learn with out going to competition and doing all the advanced things.). The order of the classes would be tap, ballet, jazz, so I would show up when ballet starts. But since I've never done tap, should I try it?! Honest opinions please :)

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    I did tap last year - there were only two students. Anyway the other girl's really advanced, so I was the dunce, which I didn't mind since it wasn't my fault.

    She was tapping everywhere, jumping, turning, swinging her arms, and I was just clacking about.

    But she my role model for tap, and so I could observe her technique and learn from her. That's what's good about being around advanced people. Anyway, the teacher would teach me a routine or exercise, leave me to practice it, and teach the other girl.

    Tap is fun! There's that enrichment connected to body movement that comes with dancing, but in a more modern, 21st century way. Not to mention musicality, all tap dancers are musicians, that is beneficial to ALL forms of dance! However, it is technical still. It's fast, and the steps don't flow into each other at an easy rate like classical ballet. You've got to remember your routine and do it quickly, so memory is especially valuable. I think it's like a fast tongue twister, but for your feet :)

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    Tap is quite difficult to get the hang of. i used to do it when i was about 8, i gave up then started again when i was 13. the others in my class had been doing it for a while, so they knew most of the more difficult steps, but i just stayed at the back trying to see how they did it and kept practising at home. But i had to remember that they were a beginner once, just like i am now. There is a first time for everything, and you only live once!!

    Also tap is a good skill if you want go onto dance professionally, as it requires good brain coordination and feet skills. I would give it a go, and if you find that maybe you don't enjoy, it's probably because you don't know as much as the others, but you will get the hang of it after a while. Just ask someone near you if you don't quite understand, and i'm sure they will help you :) good luck ! x

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    I would ask the owner of the studio if you could just try a few classes of tap to see if you like it. It may be hard at first but don't get discouraged because it is a new thing and all things that are new take time to do. But i would definitely take a shot at it if you don't like it then stop doing it if you do then you can sign up for the rest of the classes. Tap is a very fun dance. I'm not the best at it but if i practice more i will get better. I would try tap it is a new studio why not tr something new. If you don't like it you can just drop it. Hope i helped! And have fun dancing!

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    Tap is kind of fun, I prefer ballet and jazz myself, but tap is all about knowing the basics. Flaps, shuffles, time steps, you have to be good at picking things up easily and asking questions when you need too. If it gets too hard, you should drop out and try a beginner's class somewhere else. Remember not to get discouraged if you don't do well at first, especially since you have those classes afterwards.

    Good luck! Try finding videos and YouTube and learn some basics.

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    I find tap dance very interesting, and as you're a dancer already, it should not be too hard to learn.

    But you might want to pay a visit to a tap dance class to have an idea what they require in you. Good luck :)

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    Tap is really fun. I love tap. You do have to work for it sometimes but i really like it. If you think it's something you might like I say GO FOR IT!

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