which type of transport do u prefer for traveling around?why?

thanks a lot


please emphasize on the reason,spell out ur feeling about ur choice

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    The ISV Venture Star

    can travel from Earth to Alpha Centauri A (a distance of 4.37 light years[4]) in the time of 6.75 years. It starts with a five and a half month long initial acceleration at 1.5 G to reach 0.7 times the speed of light. Then it continues at the same speed for 5.83 years before the engines or photon sail (depending on which way the ships are traveling) are used to slow the ship down. During the ship's deceleration it yet again accelerates at 1.5 G for five and a half months.[3]

    Also note that due to time dilation effects experienced at higher speeds, an Earth-time voyage of 6.75 years seems significantly shorter at 0.7 times the speed of light. According to Einstein's law of relativity, it would only seem to be four years' travel from a crewman's point of view. The ISV Venture Star is capable of carrying 350 tons of cargo. The cargo consists of triply backed-up blueprints for the Stereolithography plant, micro-miniaturized components like micro- and nanoprocessors and other circuitry elements that cannot be manufactured in the plant. The ship also carries two Valkyrie landing crafts, 200 passengers in cryosleep, drugs, and other medications that cannot be produced on site,

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    My primary issue is economy.

    If the trip takes less than 12 hours I will take a bus and buy advanced tickets. Advanced tickets are about 40% cheaper than last minute tickets. For longer trips I take a train when land travel will get me there.

  • Bubble car.

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    light rail.

    Source(s): EuroStar
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