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My WWE Smackdown... The winner is .....?

1. Caylen Croft/Trent Barreta vs. Curt Hawkins/Vance Archer -- Street fight...

2. Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler ( c ) - Intercontinental Championship - steel cage

3. Kane ( c ) vs. CM punk vs. Shad vs. Big Show - World Heavyweight Championship

4. Alberto Del Rio vs. Abdulah The Butcher ( special apperance ) - Hardcore match

5. Layla ( c ) vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Tiffany vs. Michelle McCool vs. Serena - Womans championship - Locked in a steel cage....

6. Alex Riley & Eli Cottonwood & Husky Harris vs. Heath Slater & Wade Barrett & Michael Tarver

7. Kaval vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Justin Gabriel vs. JTG vs. Chavo Guerrero - Elimination match.....

please rate out of 10

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    Gatecrashers ( Hawkins pins croft)

    After the heat seeker

    Mr. Ziggles (Cage escape)

    Cody rhodes hits cross rhodes on drew then Ziggles hits the zig zag on cody

    Kane (Pins Big Show)

    After a Double chokeslam 2 shad and Punk then big boot 2 show

    Alberto Del Rio (Pinfall)

    Kelly Kelly (Pins Serena)

    Team Riley (Riley Pins Barret)

    After your Dismissed

    Rey Mysterio (Last elimernating Chavo)

    JTG Eliminates Kaval after Da Shout out

    Justin Gabriel eliminates JTG after 450 Splash

    Rey Mysterio eliminates Justin Gabriel after 619

    Rey Mysterio eliminates Chavo Guerrero after frog splash


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    1.The Gatecrashers(Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer) 9/10

    2.Dolph Ziggler 10/10

    3.Cm Punk 5/10

    4.Alberto Del Rio 7/10

    5.Michelle McCool 9/10

    .6.Heath Slater,Wade Barrett And Michael Tarver 10/10

    7.Rey Mysterio 7/10

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    Serena was fired the other day.

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