when i told he that i like you

he just said- dont like me too much. i cant give you that attention as you want . i mean i didnt say anything.

we can hang out and meet sometimes..

i knew that he was busy with his work and stuff...

he didnt say yes. or no... only say that...

confused now

someone can hlep me??


thanks guys. but just happend last night :)

i just told him last night. we met once

to ET- sorry i type wrong word- help not hlep.

Update 2:

to 芒果

i am ok now thank you .but he called this noon. i miss the phone call from him.

he said just sth . but it was ok now.

like you i did try to meet someone coz i dont know can i wait for him.....

i need to love myself more then someone will love me . thank you guys

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    First of all, it should be"when i told HIM that i like you"

    not "HE"

    "i cant give you that attention as you want",

    you mean "i can't give you as much attention as you want from me."

    Sorry about the grammar cuz I'm used to it.

    Anyway I think he just not that into you,

    cuz he said "we can hang out sometimes"

    sounds like he will go out with you, but not that often;

    you know what I mean?

    If you already knew that he was busy,

    then give him some space;

    and use the time for yourself,

    maybe he will call you.

  • as he said, dont like him too much..

    i think mayb he like someone else already, therefore didnt say yes or no.

    (he desnt wanna hurt you, i think)

    or mayb he neverever think that whats relationship between you and him, probably he confuse, too. so neeed sometime to fix up.

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    Excuse me~ "help"


  • 1 decade ago

    Actually, its very clear...

    he is just not that into you.

    if he care about you, love you,

    then even he is always busy,

    he will take time with you;

    will try his best to hear your voice;

    to touch you, to see you...

    <think about this>

    he is irresponsible,

    leave him away, learn to love yourself more...

    he is not the one who gonna treasure you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think you have to change your focus...

    bcuz you don`t know that you have to wait for him "how long"

    1year? 2years?..

    and"how long" are you sure?

    can you promise that you can wait for him and never change your


    so...i suggest that you you can try to meet someone else...

    and just like he said..you can hang out and do everyting

    good luck....

    2010-08-27 16:01:02 補充:

    so...are you ok?

    2010-08-30 07:57:06 補充:


    good luck!

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