Mexico vs Ecuador predictions?

Mexico's calling in almost all there starters. Most likely as subs though. Ecuador I have no idea.

3-0 mexico wins

what doo you guys think

BQ: Argentina vs Spain Predictions?

6-0 Spain if Spain play with World Cup starters


my bad I accidentally put 3-0. I meant 2-0.

Update 2:

my bad I accidentally put 3-0. I meant 2-0.

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    Ecuador will put a fight don't think that they are weak because they are not. Any ways with that being said Mexico will still win I say 2-1.

    Argentina vs. Spain could be interesting if only they used the national players but La Liga is starting so beanch men it is.

    Spain wins 3-1.

  • hyun
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    4 years ago

    Its a fascinating experience-up because both coaches are on debut. Ecuador is transitioning from their old and sluggish protection and attempting to ascertain out who the hell ought to major different with Christian Benitez. Mexico on the different hand is coming off with youthful stars loaded with expertise which includes Chicharito "OMG he's marvelous" Hernandez. i trust its going to be extremely of sparring in the initiating, yet Mexico will likely finally end up prevailing because they have maintained a good middle of gamers that recognize one yet another properly at the same time as Ecuador's protection (GK lined) and forwards are present procedure an finished makeover. no matter if its going to be interesting seeing how Chicharito and Valencia greet one yet another. My prediction 2-a million Mexico. 2 aims by ability of Hernandez. a million objective by ability of Benitez

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