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Just getting into CFL Football, What team should I root for?

what team should I root for..

im from Louisiana and here is my favorite teams...



NCAA Football: LSU & Tulane

CFL: ? (u pick)

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    You should cheer for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are a Canadian Football League team based in Regina, Saskatchewan, founded in 1910. They play their home games at 2940-10th Avenue in Regina, which has been the team's home base for its entire history, even prior to the construction of Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field. Originally known as the Regina Rugby Club from 1910 to 1923, they changed their name to the Regina Roughriders in 1924 and finally to the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1948. The team draws fans from across Saskatchewan and Canada who are affectionately known as the "Rider Nation". The team is the current West Division Champions and have won three Grey Cups over their 100 year history. The fans are known for their loyalty and "Rider Pride", and it is not unusual to find a group of Rider fans following the team on their road games across the country. The team also sells more merchandise and draws the highest TV ratings of any team in the CFL, despite playing in the smallest market by far in the league. The Roughriders play in the CFL's West Division. The team has had 17 players inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame . Their rivalry with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers is arguably the most passionate and intense in the league, as games between the two are often sold out before the beginning of the season. Rider fans have been referred to as the best fans in the league and were ranked the rowdiest fans of any sports team in Canada by MSN Sports, ranking ahead of the Canada men's national junior ice hockey team and the Montreal Canadiens. The team is third behind the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs for merchandise sales of Canadian sports teams, and in 2009 the team played in 5 of the 6 most viewed games on television as well as breaking a ratings record for the West Final against the Calgary Stampeders and a Grey Cup ratings record of 43% of the national population against the Montreal Alouettes. The Riders typically bring an upsurge in attendance at all or most of their various away venues, drawing crowds of their own fans, as well as home-town fans whose interest is heightened when the Roughriders come to town. The province of Saskatchewan went through tough economic times during the 1980s and 1990s and as a result thousands of Rider fans left the province for work, particularly to Alberta. In Edmonton and especially Calgary, Rider fans make up to half the crowd, and many violent clashes between fans have resulted in recent years between Roughrider and Stampeder fans.Estimates of just exactly how many Rider fans there are range anywhere from 5-7 million people across Canada, representing roughly one in five Canadians. The Riders have led road attendance in the CFL every year this decade,. and local support has skyrocked in recent years due to the on-field success of the club, including the first sold-out season in 2008. The Roughriders attendance record came in 1995 in a win over the Calgary Stampeders as 55,438 (more than 25% of Regina's population) fans watched on. This crowd was attainable that year because of the increased capacity of Taylor Field in preparation of hosting the Grey Cup. Rider fans are also known for dressing up in unique and often bizarre Rider-themed costumes, the most popular being the watermelon helmet.

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    The main problem is the cost of an NFL franchise. Put all 8 CFL teams together and their financial value is worth only a tiny fraction of an NFL franchise (even though the talent on the field would make them a pretty competitive NFL team). While various groups express an interest in buying an NFL team in Toronto from time to time, the sheer cost prevents it from happening. The fan support is also a question mark. While there are plenty of Canadians that watch the NFL on TV every Sunday afternoon, it's not clear that 70,000 of them would be willing to pay $150 each week to watch a game live. The Buffalo game played in Toronto (at a 50,000 seat stadium) was far from sold out. If there is any city that could support a team in Canada, however, it is Toronto. Montreal lost its MLB team and Vancouver saw its NBA team leave because fan support was low and ownership commitment was nonexistent. People like the NFL in Canada, but it just isn't as much part of the culture as it is in the southern U.S., so Canadians probably would not be willing to spend the amounts of money needed to make any Canadian team successful.

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    I am one for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, as this team is such a fun team to watch and back. I have been a Roughriders fan since reading of the team - and their fans - in an essay in 1984, which described the team as the only major professional sports team in all of the province of Saskatchewan. The Roughriders have won three Grey Cup Championships, the latest coming in 2007, and I am looking forward to another fine Grey Cup win.

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    You've got some really good answers. Since your from Louisiana, you maybe french, therefore the Montreal Allouettes would be a good choice. Toronto Argonauts are medicore, but have nice uniforms and usually will get a big name American on their roster. Saskatchewan have the best fans (ugly green & white uni's) Edmonton Eskimos basically gave Green Bay uniforms. They suck this year but are known for being a powerhouse. (Warren Moon won 5 Grey Cups in a row in the 80s) Calgary Stampeders are the class of the league right now. Very talented and kick *** uniforms (red & black). B.C. Lions are from Vancouver British Columbia. Orange & Black uni's and they are up and down. Winnipeg has great fans too, they are up and down also. (blue & gold). Hamilton Tiger-Cats play in a small steeltown in between Toronto and Buffalo near Niagara Falls. Ironically their uniforms are similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Source(s): Canada's Capital Ottawa, used to have a team the Ottawa Rough Riders. CFL used to have 2 teams named Rough Riders,lol. just google CFL, and checkout the rosters and see if u recognize any college players. or checkout the uniforms!!! but Saskatchewan does have the best fans.
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    The Calgary STampeders a key reason not to cheer for riders (3 grey cups in 100 years) Stamps are currently the best team in the cfl, with a very exciting team, that likes to have fun

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    You should cheer for the Shreveport Pirates.

    If you don't want to cheer for a team that doesn't exist, then you should cheer for the Blue Bombers. Our back up qb (Steven Jyles) is from Louisiana. He's currently starting for us because of an injury to the starter. However, he's young and could be a good qb in the league.

    Of course, if you still feel an attachment to the french history of Louisiana, then you should pick the Alouettes. They play in Montreal.

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    I gotta say Saskatchewan Roughriders. If you like LSU you love the insane loud atmosphere and the Riders provide that. They have an extremely young talented team and are insanely fun to watch!

    Hope you enjoy the CFL man.

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    born and live Toronto, so I'm an Argos fan... but if I was in a city without a CFL team, I'd choose the Roughriders...

    btw, as breifly mentioned by Bronz, Shreveport Louisiana had a CFL team in the mid 90's called Shreveport Pirates.

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    Like u i support LSU Tigers too.Support the Sasketchwean roughriders.I support them because of there qb darian durant he is really exciting to watch.The cfl have a youtube channel where there is highlights of recent games.

    Watch the game with the roughriders vs the montreal alouettes it was like 56-54 or something

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    Man cheer for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers they aren't the best team but the fans are loyal and they will be good again soon

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