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SmackDown! Episode 37 (Rate the Show)?

SmackDown! 36:;_ylt=Ato.T...

Video: New Additions to SmackDown make ahuge impact on their first night on the show

Tazz and Michael Cole at ringside tonight on SmackDown!

- The feud between Mysterio and Guerrero cntinues what's next!

- Christian takes on Nunzio

- Muhammad Hassan vs. Booker T

- SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long, has a big announcement.

Rey Mysterio comes out and says "Eddie, what has happened to you, earlier when we were like brothes, like familia we were awesome, now it has gone to this, Tell me why are you doing this?" Eddie then comes out and says "No, No , No Rey you are wrong, its what you have been doing all this time, a secret that yu have been keeping from the rest of these pathetic people, And I Latino Heat will reveal the secret at The Great American Bash hommes, because Teddy has booked a match for that PPV between me and you"

Josh Matthews interviews Christian, Matthews says "Christian now that your here on SmackDown! what is yur primary gaol to reach here on SmackDown! ?" Christian says "I am here for one reason only and that is to main event and become World Heavyweight Champion for all my peeps!"

Match 1: Singles Match

Christian defeated. Nunzio: 3:38

Christian wins after he executes a Unpretier on Nunzio:

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The Mexicools make their debut on SmackDown! cutting a promo and they insult the Blue World Order. The blue world order come out and say "We invented interfering in people's matches"

Match 2: Singles Match

John "Bradshaw" Layfield w/United States Champion Orlando Jordan defeated. The Blue Meanie w/Big Stevie Cool and Nova: 2:13

JBL wins with help from the Mexicools who were at ringside selling food.

WWE The Great American Bash Promo: Tagline "Your Heroes in Action"

Match 3: Singles Match

Chris Benoit defeated. William Regal: 8:35

In an intense match up Benoit wins after he applies the Crossface on Regal who gets a heel turn in this match.

Match 4: Singles Match

Cruiserweight Champion Paul London defeated. Local Wrestler: 5:05

Match 5: Intergender Tag Team Match

WWE Tag Team Champion Johnny Nitro and Melina w/WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury defeated. Heidenreich and Michelle McCool: 6:34

Nitro won after he pulled Heidenreich's tights to win the match.

Main Event: Singles Match

Muhammad Hassan w/Khosrow Daivari defeated. Booker T w/Sharmell: 9:35

Hassan won after he used his head cloth after Daivari had the referee distracted.

After the match:

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Geneal Manager Theodore Long comes out and says "Next week on SmackDown! we will fins out who is going to the Great American Bash to face the World Champion Batista!"

"Next week I will give an opportunity to 6 of SmackDown!'s elite: Those Superstars are:

Muhammad Hassan, Booker T, Chris Benoit, JBL, Christian and THE UNDERTAKER!"



Best/Worst Match:

Best/Worst Night:


SmackDown! The Great American Bash

- Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

More matches to be announced

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    Best Matches:

    1) Chris Benoit vs. William Regal

    2) Muhammad Hassen (w/ Khosrow Davari) vs. Booker T (w/Sharmell).

    The Benoit vs. Regal match was the # 1 best on your card tonight because seeing two great Technical wrestlers against each other is what keeps your shows interesting. The other reason I still watch your shows is because of the Feuds you have going on. I really did like that match.

    Muhammad Hassen vs. Booker T was a good as well seeing Muhammad Hassen with the American Hate Gimmick and seeing Booker T with the kicks & other moves, it would make a good match and

    that is why I chose that as the second best match on your card.

    Best Night: The Mexicools

    Worst Match: Paul London vs. Local Wrestler

    Worst Night: The Blue World Order because the Mexicools cost them the match

    Moment: Teddy Long giving an opportunity to the 6 superstars.

    Overall Card Rating... 9.2/10

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    Rating: 9/10

    Moment: Mysterio/Guerrero segment. It's constantly keeping the fans on the edge of their seats week after week, dying to know what Eddie's secret it

    Best match: Chris Benoit vs William Regal. A great technical match I'm sure that takes us back to the WCW days

    Worst match: Paul London vs a jobber

    Best night: Hassan, Booker T, Benoit, JBL, Christian, and Undertaker. They all got an opportunity to face Batista at The Great American Bash for the World Heavyweight Title

    Worst night: No one

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    best match: chris benoit vs william regal

    worst match: Jbl vs blue meanie

    best night: Muhammed Hassan

    worst night:Rey mysterio

    could you plz rate my cards plz

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    umm some of the ppls r dead

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