Why is Rajnikanth the undisputed superstar of India?

A new movie for Superstar Rajnikanth is going to be released staring Rajnikanth and Aishvary Rai called Robot.

Many years back when I was touring Cheanni, a movie with named "Padyappa" or something like that was being released, and remember people praying posters of Rajnikanth, they were poring milk on movie posters, cracking coconut in front of posters, offering garlands, entire traffic was jam, I travel across India, but I have not seen such mass hysteria anywhere else for any other movie star. May be some extend Chiranjeevee has fan following to similar extend in AP but I don't think to same extend. I don't think Superstar of Hindi Cinema has such mass following for him any where in India including his own city, and he never had even during his best days. Even today, Rajnikanth has over 100 registered fans club in India and Amitabh has only 20.

At one time Rajnikanth and Kamal Hasan had completion but today, as far as name and fame is concerned, Rajnikanth is undisputed superstar of Tamil cinema.

Rajanikanth is not a politician but often gives political statements that have impact, he is not a spiritual leader but sometimes gives spiritual statements and people pay attention to that.

He is a real entertainer, but his most of the movies are entertaining only, unlike Kamal Hasan where he has art, or Amitabh's Paa or Black where he does experiments, still Rajnikanth is THE HERO.

What is the reason for such mass fan following for Mr. Rajnikanth, the undisputed superstar of Tamil cinema, who leads in fan following to any superstar of India including Amitabh Bachhan the superstar of the millennium?


Raj Kish Sir, while opening this question, I had Bull sir's avatar in my mind :), I was expecting him to write a an elaborate answer on this subject, and I was expecting me to select his answer as a best answer, I had made up my mind before even opening the question that Mr. Bull is my BA candidate for this question :) But Mr. Bull does not give me opportunity. Just a joke guys, don't take seriously...

I have not said Rajnikanth is a better actor than others, like in Hindi Cinema, AB is not better actor than Om Puri or Nasiruddin Shah though he is better entertainer. Same way, Kamal Hasan is better actor than Rajani, but not a better entertainer. I like both. I am Rajnikanth's fan, I don't need to understand his dialogues.

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    Some facts as to why Rajnikanth is a phenomenon

    "While Baba made 20 crores at the box office and was considered a flop by Rajni standards , Gilli which was a super hit made the same 20 crores"

    "Anniyan is the only film to have touched the 50 crore mark which Chandramukhi earned".

    "Vijay, who is at number two , earns 4 crores compared to the superstar's 16 crores earnings"

    "At 16 crores, Rajnikanth has even beaten the Khans and the Big B, who are said to earn between 7 and 10 crores."

    The undisputed fact it is, he remains the one and only superstar of tamil cinema and probably will always be. Hail the king.

    That Rajinikanth is the only real superstar in Kollywood is like saying grass is green. It's an undisputed, inviolable truth. The man has been ruling the Tamil box-office for the last 23 years, a world record in itself.

    It is said that Rajinikanth doesn't need to act or change his look from movie to movie. Distributors say that all he needs to do is stand in front of the camera, and people will flock to the theatres to see him do just that. In most of the 153-odd movies he has done in a career spanning 33 years, Rajinikanth does no more than play himself. He reaches out to the masses with his electrifying screen presence mixed with heroism, peppy songs and famous punch line dialogues, which in time become part of the common man's lingo.

    What attracts today's Generation Next-audiences (some of them were not even born when he became a superstar) to the phenomenon called Rajinikanth, who turned 57 last December? Most of the young people interviewed by a marketing agency who carried a survey on the superstar say that the man's appeal largely revolved around his on-screen image.

    Some of the more famous Rajinikanth one-liners that he spouts in his movies either to the villain, arrogant heroine or his side-kick are later rattled off by everyone, from an autorickshaw driver to an up-market IT professional. You can hear people quote his most famous dialogues and punch lines like " En vazhi, thani vazhi " (My way is a separate way), " Naan oru thadavu sonna, nooru thadava sonna mathiri (If I say it once, it is like saying it a hundred times), " Andavan solran, Arunachalam seyiran " (God orders, I do it). All this has become a part of Tamil folklore, adding to the mystique of the Rajnikanth persona.

    Rajinikanth has never experimented with his screen image, and is very particular about doing only mass masala fantasies. The 2007 super-hit Sivaji opened new vistas for Tamil cinema at the worldwide box-office. The film said to be made at a cost of Rs 60 crore including the star's fees — an astronomical Rs 20 crore — is reported to have made around Rs 100 crore from theatrical and other rights.

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    I mistook this poser as the "BULL"s and had written a different preamble,then realised my mistake.Any way,let me try to amuse you a little.In the south movie goers have virtually,(why even literally in one instance) deified the stars so much so that the stars too play up to them by trying to cultivate some petty foible which would then become their trade marks.Rajni has developed some mannerisms like finger brushing his hair,tapping a cigarette from his hand up in the air and catching it in his lips and above all doing his action scenes in his own typical and inimitable style which have all endeared him to his fans.But despite it all,the unfortunate part is that he is a ham as far as serious acting in a serious role is concerned.But the majority of the youngsters and old people like his unique style which is what has made him a super star.With this superstardom in his pocket he foolishly tried to foray into the field of politics with disastrous results.

    He very sanely gave up any sort of ambition he may have had to do an MGR.In spite of his age catching up with his desire to stay and act roles requiring much younger artistes,he attempts these

    roles and what is more continues to enthrall his multitude of fans.That is what makes him a real superstar who has been hitting the box office more often than is deemed possible in filmdom.

    Have a Super Starry Night.

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    Rajinikanth nephew makes his debut !

    All eyes are on Harshavardhan, the youngster who is making his debut in a full-fledged role with the release of ''Moscowin Kaveri'' on Friday. Facing the camera may.......

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    He seems to have caught imagniation of Tamil people. Also he becomes more humble with more popularity which people like very much. He has no starry airs and off the screen he appears with bald pate and aging screen. His personal life has also been without any controversy and he is a devoted family man. Then a common man can also can identified with him and see himself in the Rajni. The public fulfill dreams of getting justice through him so in a way he represents a common man. Also Tamilians are known for their hero-worship. They make temples for even minor stars (as compared to Rajni Kant) like Khushboo and Nagma.

    But Rajni Kant cannot be compared with Amitabh Bachchan who has really a massive fanbase across the societies, religion, agegroups and countries. Rajni Kant's fanbase is more or less limited to Tamilians.

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  • There are various reasons behind this.

    No doubt that Rajni Kanth is one of a Talented Actor. But similar such personalities with still more talented like Kamala Haasan could not earn this title.

    Every Success recognized is attributed with the commercial success only, in this materialist world. Rajni Kanth is very clever in choosing the concept and team in such a way to aim at the commercial success only. He meticulously watches the aspects & scenes to give an impact in different style through the present latest advanced technologies & special effects to his projecting personal image with entertainment.

    He chooses the Director who can understand & transform his dreams in the film. I heard that even in a group dance if 100 female artists are dancing, he insists no one should look ugly. The sound effects are better exploited to his projecting certain signature styles. Those scenes if you see without sound, it will be very very ordinary. Even the lyric writers write well if it is Rajni Kanth movie.

    Whereas if you look at Kamala Haasan, for example the movie ‘Hey Ram’ it is very good movie carefully pictured. Calcutta scenes of Pre-Independence period were carefully filmed with all vehicles and other properties of that age. But that movie was a flop. He could do a fantastic movie by giving least important to commercial success.

    Though I am not a fan of Rajni Kanth, one of his movies ‘Batsha’ I have seen in theatre 4 times and even to day if it is screened in TVs I will spare time to watch. He concentrates every scene properly towards pulling mass and his aim is primarily that as he is interested only in commercial success. E is not ready to documentary films however great concept it is.

    I think these are the reasons in my understanding!

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    Let me share one more fact

    During the CM days of Jayalalitha,

    she used to travel with a lot of

    fanfare resulting into great

    difficulty to other neighbors of her

    area who have to wait till her

    cavalcade passed. Rajnikanth (who

    was and still is a neighbor of

    Jayalalitha) requested her to be a

    little disciplined in her travel

    activities. But his request was

    ignored by the CM. So one day

    when the CM was going outside,

    Rajnikanth came in his car and

    move outside. He just

    came out of his car. And that day

    the entire city stopped. He was

    surrounded by an ocean of people

    resulting into a huge traffic jams

    which stopped even the CM.

    In every home his fans are from all the three generations. His fan following could give inferiority complex to bollywood or even hollywood stars but why so ? This is difficult for me to answer because as they say you have to born in Tamil Nadu to understand this.

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    first of all,

    @RAJ KISH, from your line 'he's a ham in acting' clearly shows that either you're still in your early 20's.. or you're just plain ignorant. let me tell you why. rajnikanth's movies from the 90's onwards have all been about commercialisation. but in the 70's and 80's, if you watch movies like 'mullum malarum', 'arilirunthu aruvethu varai', he has performed fantastically! it's just so unfortunate that we, the fans, didnt appreciate his acting but preferred his 'style' instead.

    now, why is he the real superstar? because he has charisma. that's the only reason. the charisma that he has, and his style. when he came up with 'style', it was the first in indian cinema. it was something fresh, and something everyone liked. hence the huge fan following until today, even though he's not using much style in his movies recently.

    now... why is he the REAL superstar of INDIA? because ONLY RAJNI has a worldwide fanbase, by worldwide, i mean even in the lands that no one speaks tamil! china, japan... ask anyone from china or japan about shah rukh khan or amibath, you wont be so lucky.

    maybe in india, rajni's fanbase is limited to south india. amitabh and SRK are bigger names. but outside india, rajni has a WIDER fanbase.

    now you tell me. who is the real superstar of india? rajni? or the others?

  • Yes..... he is a very big name in India but I am telling you honestly........

    The promos of Robot/Endhiran didn't amaze me. All of my friends have the same reaction. This movie will be like by those of his fans who go to the theater to watch only Rajnikanth and they don't care about the story, script etc.

    I saw his movie "Shivaji the boss" last week on Star Gold, that was a good movie made with good intention but had too many unrealistic scenes and very strange ending.

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    May be for Tamils - here in Punjab people hardly know him ! I find him a favorite among riksha pullers only in north India

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    Because he is a real entertainer. In his films he shows comedy as well as heroism. He always wins in the film. He usually don't make the viewers cry. Whatever he does, (sometimes it may be unbelievable) people accept it because in his films, only the truth and the good things triumph. Perhaps this may be the desire of the people.

    And most of all, his style, body language and way of talking are liked by all, irrespective of their age.

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