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How much land do you need for a horse in Minocqua WI?

I have 3 and a half acres, and I want to keep my mare at home. Latte is independent and can be by herself. Can I keep her at home?

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    I actually live in Minocqua and can tell you that 1 acre per horse is the rule BUT take into account the quality of the pasture space. I would seriously consider getting another horse, pony, donkey, or goat to put into the pasture with your horse because no matter how independent a horse is they are still are a herd animal and need some kind of buddy. If you do ever consider getting another pasture pal please email me if you need help finding one because Im sure I can reccommend someone to you.

    Source(s): Live in Minocqua. Board horse in Eagle River.
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    Get a pony or mini horse for your horse lol

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