Liking a foreign exchange student - please help?

OK so today classes started again and in one of my classes I noticed this really pretty girl. We started to play a game where we have to introduce ourselves and I made my way over to where she was sitting and sorta introduced myself and asked if she needed help, and she said she doesn't know how to play, but she had an accent, and I asked where she is from and she said she is from Germany. She seemed kinda shy. So I started to help her fill out her sheet but then the bell rang.

What could I do to flirt with her and get conversations going? She speaks good English, but she seemed kind of nervous, being a foreign exchange student and all. I'm 16 years old and kind of shy, but well liked at my school. I've never had a girlfriend and last year I started to make a lot of friends with girls who see me as cute in a "little kid" way, if you get it. I think I am good looking, but that is an opinion that varies from person to person.

What could be some things I could talk to her about? Would it be a good idea to ask her where she is from in Germany, or what life was like there? And then later I could ask her if she wanted to go get coffee or go to a park or something? Or is this a really bad idea and way out of line? Normally I am not the type to push myself on people (because I don't like when people push themselves on me) and I'll be able to pick up if she dislikes me, but should I say the things I mentioned?

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    10 years ago
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    I kinda have the same problem! I'm a girl and I like a Foreign Exchange German guy!! I want to talk to him, but have no classes with him where that's possible! I need help!!

    Before asking her to go get coffee or something with you, I think you should keep talking with her and become better friends. Then ask when you think the time is right!

    Good Luck!!!!!

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    10 years ago

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