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Why the hell is Glen Beck wearing the original Purple Heart Medal for Merit ?

I always thought that Sergeant Elijah Churchill, Sergeant William Brown, and Sergeant Daniel Bissell, Jr. were the only 3 soldiers to receive the original Purple Heart Medal for Merit (before it was brought back as a WIA or KIA medal) during its short life in the Revolutionary War ? Seriously, who does Glen Beck thinks he is ? I've got a Purple Heart because I bled a little bit in Iraq and so have a bunch of my friends, and unless it was a serious wound, you don't show it off. I think what Glen Beck is doing is an insult to those of us that have earned those medals for wounds and definitely an insult to the three guys that earned them for bravery back when the "founding fathers" were setting up this "christian nation." I feel better now.

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    What's worse is that it will work and the non thinking fox news viewers will automatically call him a hero just for wearing it.

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    To make a valid point, I'm sure, as he's one of the most loyal, patriotic men in the country, as well as one of the most decent, likeable people on Earth.

    What we have today is denigration of the innocent and noble like Glen Beck and the glorification of every rotten bum imaginable who has wormed his or her way into poltics or the media.

    Well, I guess I won't say more and regard this as a sad mistake on your part.

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    Oh give it a rest. Nobody even knew George Washington had issued his homemade Purple Hearts until Beck brought it to the public awareness. He is HONORING it for the intent of General Washington in recognizing merit. Is your life REALLY that small to find this offensive?

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