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History of NFL nicknames?

It seems most teams have a nickname such as

Chicago Bears: Monster of the Midway

Dallas Cowboys: America's Team

So can you pair each team with its nickname?

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    •Ain'ts— Nickname given to the New Orleans Saints after their 1980 season of 14 consecutive losses. •Air Coryell — Nickname given to the high powered passing offenses of the early 1980s San Diego Chargers, led by quarterback Dan Fouts and coached by Don Coryell. The name specifically refers to San Diego's 1981 season. •America's Team— Nickname given to the Dallas Cowboys for having a large number of fans outside its immediate local area. •Bay of Pigs — Nickname given to matchups of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers by ESPN anchor Chris Berman from the mid-1980s through the early 1990s, when both teams hovered at the bottom of the NFC Central division.•Big Blue Wrecking Crew — Name of the New York Giants defensive team during their 1986 championship season. •Bills West — The 2001 San Diego Chargers, so named because of the signing of the Buffalo Bills' former general manager, John Butler, along with several Buffalo Bills players.•Blitz, Inc. — Name of the Philadelphia Eagles defensive team from 1999-2004 seasons. •Blitzburgh— Name of the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive unit since the mid-1990s and their tendency to relentlessly attack opposing quarterbacks. •Bull Elephant backfield — running backs of the 1950s Rams: Dick Hoerner, Paul "Tank" Younger, and "Deacon" Dan Towler. •Bungles— Name referring to the Cincinnati Bengals teams of the 1990s, whose string of losing seasons with records 8-8 or worse spanned 14 consecutive seasons. •Cardiac Cardinals (Cards)— the St. Louis Cardinals NFC East championship teams of 1974 (10-4) and '75 (11-3). Noted for their come-from-behind wins under their head coach, Don Coryell. The name was resurrected for the 1998 team that upset Dallas in the wild card game.

    •Cardiac Cats — the Carolina Panthers of the late 1990s and early 2000s, known for close games often decided in the final minutes or the final play, thus giving their fans heart attacks; the term was used particularly during the team's Super Bowl season•Cardiac Jags — the Jacksonville Jaguars earned this nickname because of making several comeback wins and/or winning nail-biters.

    •Da Bears— Slang nickname given to the Chicago Bears made popular by the Bill Swerski's Superfans sketches of the early 1990s on Saturday Night Live. •Dirty Birds— The 1998 Atlanta Falcons (but is still used to this day to describe the Falcons.•Dome Patrol— The 1980s Saints linebacking corps, rated as #1 by NFL Network. This all star group included Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, Pat Swilling, and Vaughan Johnson.•Dolts - Derisive name given whenever the Indianapolis Colts or San Diego Chargers had a bad team. •Doomsday Defense — The 1970s Dallas Cowboys defensive team. Doomsday I, the unit that led the Cowboys to victory in Super Bowl VI.•Electric Company— The 1970s Buffalo Bills offensive line. They were given that name because they "turned on the 'Juice'" by paving the way for star halfback O.J. Simpson.•Evil Empire. — Name associating the New England Patriots dynasty of the 2000s. Coach Bill Bellichick was deemed "evil" after the Spygate scandal.•Fearsome Foursome — The 1960s Los Angeles Rams defensive line.

    •Fort Knox - name given to the pass pocket created by the 1981 Buffalo Bills offensive line that allowed quarterback Joe Ferguson to throw deep. •G Men — Nickname of the New York Giants frequently used by Chris Berman. •Gang Green — Nickname of the New York Jets, or the Philadelphia Eagles defensive team from 1987 to 1990, when the team was coached by Buddy Ryan. •Greatest Show on Turf — The 1999-2001 St. Louis Rams offensive team.•Ground Chuck - Nickname for the Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks teams coached by Chuck Knox (playing off his first name and his team's conservative, ball-control offense) •Homeland Defense- Nickname for the New England Patriots defense during their runs to Super Bowl XXXVIII and XXXIX. •Hogs - The Washington Redskins' offensive line. •Kardiac Kids — The 1980 Cleveland Browns, who had a penchant for having games decided in the final moments. •The Killer Bees— The 1982 Miami Dolphins defensive team; 6 of their 11 starters had last names that began with the letter "B". They allowed only 131 points in the strike-shortened, nine-game regular season.

    •Monsters of the Midway— Originally applied to the Chicago Bears of the early 1940s,•New York Sack Exchange— The New York Jets defense of the early 1980s•No-Name Defense— The 1970s Miami Dolphins defensive team, especially that of its undefeated 1972 season, which performed excellently despite a lack of recognizable stars.•Orange Crush — The 1970s Denver Broncos defensive team, led by defensive end Lyle Alzado and linebacker Randy Gradishar. •Over-the-Hill Gang — The George Allen-coached Washington Redskins of the early 1970s, so named because of the large number of veteran players on the team. •Patsies— Poorly performing New England Patriots squads, a play on the nickname "The Pats." •Pewter Pirates— The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after changing team logo and colors in 1997. •Purple People Eaters— The 1970s Minnesota Vikings defensive line, specifically the combination of Alan Page, Jim Marshall, Carl Eller, and Gary Larsen. •San Diego Superchargers — Nickname given to the San Diego Chargers from a 1970s disco song.

    Steel Curtain— The 1970s Pittsburgh steelers defensive team considered to be one of the most dominant defenses in the history of the NFL. SWAT team - Name of the Cincinnati Bengals' secondary coached by Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau during the 1988 season. Yuccaneers-The Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s when the team commonly posted double-digit losses during the regular season.

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    Arizona Cardinals - The Cards, The Cardiac Cards, The Birds, Big Red, The Buzzsaw

    Atlanta Falcons - Dirty Birds

    Buffalo Bills - Bickering Bills

    Carolina Panthers - The Cardiac Cats

    Chicago Bears - Monsters of the Midway, Da Bears

    Dallas Cowboys - America's Team, Doomsday Defense, The Boys, Big D

    Denver Broncos - Orange Crush

    Green Bay Packers - The Pack, Indian Packers (1919), Blues (1922), Big Bay Blues (1920s), Bays (1918–1940s), The Green and Gold

    Indianapolis Colts - Indy Colts

    Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags

    Miami Dolphins - The Fins/Phins, The Fish, No Name Defense

    Minnesota Vikings - The Vikes, The Purple, Purple Pride, The Purple People Eaters, The Purple Gold

    New England Patriots - The Pats

    New Orlean Saints - Black and Gold, The Who Dats, The Bless You Boys, The Ain'ts

    New York Giants - Big Blue, G-Men, the Jints

    New York Jets - Gang Green

    Oakland Raiders - The Silver and Black

    Philadelphia Eagles - Blitz, Inc.

    Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steel Curtain

    San Diego Chargers - The Bolts, Air Coryell

    San Francisco 49ers - The Niners, The Red And Gold, Bay Bombers, The Team of the Eighties

    Seattle Seahawks - The Hawks

    St. Louis Rams - Greatest Show on Turf, Fearsome Foursome

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Bucs, Pewter Pirates, The Yuckaneers (Yucks)

    Washington Redskins - The Skins, The Hogs,The Over-the-Hill Gang, The Burgundy and Gold

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    The "Monsters of the Midway" is a misnomer for the Chicago Bears. The Bears, when they moved to Chicago, played in Wrigley Field, which is on the North Side. "The Midway" was a recreation area on the South Side, where the Cardinals played.


  • Jokeland Raiders

    New Orlean Aint's

    Cincinnati Bungles

    Dallas Cowgirls

    Double Trouble (DeAngelo Willams & J. Stewart)

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