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Do I need a Digital Converter Box in order to watch TV without cable/satelliteon a new LCD/HDTV..?

I recently purchased?

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  • kg7or
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    Tex and Jones are absolutely right, and Rich is absolutely misinformed. There is no such thing as a "digital type antenna," nor is there any such thing as a "digital spectrum." The TV spectrum today is no different than the one that existed in the 1940s; just a few channels added or subtracted on the low and high ends. A TV antenna is a TV antenna, and a TV signal is a TV signal--neither cares at all whether the modulation is analog, digital or anything else.

    So yes, you do need a very good antenna for over-the-air reception, and if you have an old one that's in good condition, it's fine.

  • Rich
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    1 decade ago

    You can get maybe several local TV channels with a digital type antenna. (The old type TV antennas are not properly aligned for the digital spectrum)....Maybe try one with an amplifier. You WILL need a good signal. I tried one from Best Buy with an amplifier, but only got two channels. (You have to do a scan with your TV, and set for antenna not cable.!) If the signal is weak, no picture. Thats is either ON or OFF depending on snowy signals on digital. if you live in the clear on a hill, that is your best bet..

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    You don't need a converter box, but you do need an antenna.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no you do not, on newer tv's a digital tuner is already built in.

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