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To cut to the chase, what would be a good transition to convey the passage of time in a script?

The aging of a character who is first introduced when he/she is born in the hospital to when he/she is a kid of about 8 years old. Does the following transition sound good:

The mother gives birth and there's a voice-over in the background expressing the joy she feels. She is given the baby and her family is there with her. Shortly after being handed the baby, she feels tired/sleepy and passes-out/goes to sleep as her family begs her to stay awake. When she wakes up again, her grown kid is waking her up to go to school or some other reason.

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    I would suggest using an action or other visual to connect the new born to the child. Examples like the new born in the mothers arms touches her shoulder and then the child shakes her shoulder to wake her. Perhaps a focus on the kids eyes being distinct or some other characteristic feature.

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