Should I buy this cake decorating kit/icing kit?

Hi, I'm new to making cakes and I really want to decorate a cake like the bakeries

but the tools are so expensive, such as the plastic icing bags and the tips << cheapest I could find is this

Is it durable enough?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No... it is cheap junk and will not perform... buy quality bags and tips use Wilton and only use metal tips the plastic ones are no good! Keep watching and keep an eye out for a good assortment on Ebay and you can get an complete assortment of cake decorating supples very reasonable make sure you watch the shipping costs Many sellers pad the shipping you may have to be patient but the right price will come along Many of these sellers buy at auctions disbursements, estate sales &garage sales . They pick up tons of stuff for pennies on the dollar EDIT I just checkedout Ebay and there are some Wilton kits available there is one starter kit 32 pieces for 19.99 plus $3.75 for shipping and one cake decorating kit for 11.98 for 18 pieces plus $3.16 shipping I like the strong reusable bags I have 8 inch 10 inch and 12 inch bags I use dawn deterrgent and soak my bags & tips in hot soapy water after using much cheaper than having to keep replacing bags and you have much better control over your decorating then the flimsy plastic bags if the kits do not have couplers you can pick them up cheap at walmart also bags& tips, colors You can also get cake pans at eBay and amazon

  • Cathy
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    1 decade ago

    I personally prefer the Wilton starter kit which would be $2.00 more than the one you found on eBay. There's a couple reasons: The decorating tips are made of metal and not plastic (will not crack - will last longer), and comes with disposable bags rather than the one you have to clean. You want to use disposable bags when you are using food coloring in your icing because if you use a re-usable bag, it stains the bags (they are difficult to clean buttercream icing too).

    Wilton has other kits, but this is their basic one comparable to the one you found on eBay.

    Wilton's website is

    Good luck.

  • 4 years ago

    purchase the 30$ package it has something you wish to have and on the time of registration they supply you a record which tells you what to deliver with you for the primary day.i took all the ones categories and simply purchased the package for every does not make Sense to pay for the instrument caddy while you're no longer certain you might like or to not take extra guides.despite the fact that within the characteristic you're taking extra guides with the shop coupon the complete rate might be virtually the equal.

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