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Are Vegetarians Allowed To Eat Seafood?

I was just wondering...

because if they can i might become a vegetarian..

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    Hi, just to clear this up vegetarians don't eat fish. This is from the Vegetarian Society's website:

    Vegetarians don’t eat fish and they never have. Many things have changed since The Vegetarian Society was founded in 1847 but two important definitions haven’t:

    “ VEGETARIAN” – someone who doesn’t eat animals

    “ FISH” – cold-blooded, water-dwelling animal

    Fish may not appear as cute and cuddly as young lambs, however they do feel pain and they do suffer. The fishing industry is responsible for some of the most environmentally damaging practices affecting our seas and oceans today.

    Vegetarians do eat lots of very tasty food - take a look at the menu plan may be useful for a few meat free meals.

    Best wishes

    Su Taylor Press Officer The Vegetarian Society

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    Some do, and still consider themselves a vegetarian, but just because they live in the water, doesn't mean they have no meat! They are living animals who feel to and have to suffer just like regular animals on land. Fish have meat, otherwise they would be all skin and bones, the same with other sea animals. I don't eat seafood, but lucky for me it's easy to avoid it because I don't really like it. I used to LOVE red meat and chicken, but I love my animals alive way more. Which is why I don't eat seafood as well, I stopped all together.

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    A vegetarian can devour regardless of they like. They choose for to not devour meat. that's on the subject of the rights of animals and not eating any products that come from them. This includes fish and seafood.

  • Amanda
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    Um isn't the whole point of being a vegetarian to not eat animals? Seafood still live and breathe, still have faces etc...I think vegetarians that eat seafood are a joke and are kidding themselves.

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  • Karina
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    9 years ago

    This question really bothers me - probably because it is asked almost every day. Vegetarians do not eat meat. Seafood is meat. Meat comes from flesh; flesh comes from animals; sea animals are still animals. So no, real vegetarians do not eat ANY seafood.

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    Well is a fish an animal?

    Yes, it is.

    Do vegetarians eat animals?

    No, they do not.

    Vegetarians do not eat seafood.

    Pescetarians eat seafood. Pescetarians are a kind of OMNIVORE. Not a type of vegetarian, just to clear that up.

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    no. but when transitioning, its okay to be a pesceterian (Someone that only eats seafood) for the first few weeks and then becoming vegetarian. it helps alot and then you get used to it alot faster. and even if you just want to stay pesceterian its okay! every little bit helps. good luck! :D

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    9 years ago

    No, you would not be considered a vegetarian. You would be considered a pescetarian. Real vegetarians do not eat seafood because it is meat, contrary to popular belief in this section.

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  • Vegetarians do not eat the flesh of animals. Fish are animals. Vegetarians do not eat sea creatures.

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    For anyone who said that a vegetarian eats fish etc.. You're WRONG WRONG WRONG. A vegetarian doesn't eat ANY type of fish, meat and poultry period. Find better food to eat.

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